August 22, 2019

Sacked ‘kissing’ manager sues Microsoft

Ah yes Vista (or view). Which is what the delegates at the Micrsoft annual conference got of Simon snogging a female colleague.

A former Microsoft UK manager fired over a kissing incident with a colleague at a conference is suing Microsoft in a London court.

Simon Negus, a partner and general manager at Microsoft’s UK was dismissed in September 2010 and is now chief operating officer of Upstream Systems.

Microsoft themselves launched a claim against Negus in April seeking to reclaim holiday pay and part of his signing on bonus.

The whole dispute started at Microsoft’s annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia in July 2009.

Negus, a UK board member, was alleged to have been seen kissing a female colleague in full view of other attendees, Microsoft said in a court filing.

Negus denied the ‘kissing incident’ had taken place, but further evidence came to light suggesting it had, and he was dismissed for dishonesty.

Microsoft’s disciplinary panel found Negus had “behaved dishonestly, and thereby acted in a manner calculated or likely to destroy trust and confidence between him and Microsoft.”

So, it was not the kissing that was the problem for Microsoft. It was lying about the kissing that caused Negus to be dismissed.

Serious stuff to dismiss a senior staff member over this. Newswarped suspects that there was more to this story in the background that never came out.

We suspect that Microsoft wanted Negus out for other reasons and the lying about the kissing thing was the convenient vehicle to remove him.

Hope it was a great kiss Simon. You should have just sung “I kissed a girl and I liked it” when your employers asked you about the incident.


  1. also, Microsoft UK sub is prob the worst sub as sexual harrasment and senior managers taking advantage of their position is quite a common thing. those victims who are involved are scared to even come forward fearing they might lose their jobs or HR telling them to shut their mouth!! Gordon Fraser (MD) really needs to investigate this and they really need to investigate their employee referral schemes which basically offers £3000 for full time employee if their referral passes the probation period which encourages senior managers like Simon Negus to bring someone from outside rather than offering a promotion to someone who is already working for Microsoft. Microsoft UK is not about talent anymore, its about who you know at Microsoft…..simple!

  2. It wasn’t the kissing incident that Microsoft sacked him, it was something else that was happening behind the scenes. Much bigger than the kissing scene… there are so many people (managers) at Microsoft who doing this, taking advantage of their senior positions and this is happening even today… Simon Negus got fired because he was conning Microsoft by creating a recruitment agency without Microsoft’s knowledge and that firm provided MS with employes which meant all the emlpoyees referal fees, signing on fees was going into Negus’s pocket and there is more to that… time will tell…. keep watching this space…