August 22, 2019

Storm causes stage collapse at Belguim music festival

Part of the wreckage at the Pukkelpop Festival. If the photo looks dark and murky that is because it is.

Reports from Belguim say that four people have been killed and 40 injured when a violent storm swept through the Pukkelpop music festival 65km east of Brussels.

About 60,000 people were at the event in the town of Hasselt, when strong winds and torrential rain caused stage rigging to collapse.

Belgian media reported that trees were uprooted by the violent storm and smashed into the stage, bringing it down.

No untimely death is good, but if you are going to go then listening to great music at a festival full of like minded people is not too bad. It could be worse. It might have been a political rally. Who wants to die listening to politicians?