July 18, 2019

Syrian military bombards Palestinian refugees in Latakia

The port of Latakia under fire from 'non-existent' shells.

The Syrian military offensive against civilians in the port city of Latakia has claimed the lives of at least four Palestinian refugees and forced Thousands to flee.

The Syrian Navy have backed up a ground offensive and a spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works agency (Unrwa) says that more than 5,000 of the 10,000 refugees in a camp in Latakia were on the move.

Reports say at least 30 Syrian civilians have died in Latakia so far during the three-day military attack.

The Syrian government says it is tackling armed gangs, who had set up barricades and were shooting from rooftops. The Syrian governments tactics for dealing with gangs would be most welcome by many in Western countries for dealing with motorcycle gangs and other thugs who deal drugs and intimidate the population. The only problem is that the Syrian government has got gangs confused with civilians.

It is estimated More than 1,700 people have reportedly died and more than 30,000 have been detained in the six-month uprising against the rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Newswarped is not sure how long that the Syrian Government can carry on suppressing the majority of its people. The religious and cultural differences between the rulers who are Alawite and the majority Sunni population are too deep for this to go away.

Also the frustration of the international community is starting to get to the point where they actually might do something.

A rapid collapse of the Gaddafi regime in Libya would fast track action against Syria. It seems that the Gaddafi’s demise is only weeks away rather than months. As the rebels edge closer to Tripoli, the pressure mounts on those remaining loyal. Someting will give – and soon.

A Syrian military official on Monday denied as “absolutely baseless” reports that gunboats had fired on Latakia, Syria’s official Sana news agency reported.

Syria’s state TV denied any shelling had happened. That is right. For some weird reason it just started raining artillery shells, it was the darndest thing.

Yes at the heart of every totalitarian regime is a media machine that is capable of telling us all that coal is not black and sound sincere.