August 22, 2019

Toddler run over by lawn mower

File photo of a ride-on mower. Now to be added to the list of toddler danger devices along with such classics as fenceless swimming pools and drugged-up fathers.

A three-year-old Australian boy has suffered serious leg and arm injuries after being dragged under a ride-on mower driven by his grandfather.

The boy was visiting his grandparents at their Manildra property near Orange, New South Wales when he wandered into the front yard about 6pm yesterday.

His 66-year-old grandfather, who was testing the ride-on mower, was unaware the boy was nearby and the machine hit his grandson who then fell underneath, police said.

Police said the boy was taken to Orange Health Service before being transferred to the Sydney Children’s Hospital suffering serious arm and leg injuries, but the injuries did not appear life-threatening.

Those friggin ride-on mowers eh? We jump on with our ear muffs and enter a dream like state somewhere deep in our own universe. I blame the drone of the motor for producing this semi-catatonic state. Regardless of cause, we do not expect a child to go through the blades. Dog pooh, toys, rocks – just the usual stuff – but not a child.

This is a terrible tragedy for everyone involved. The only good news is that the toddler is going to live and we have all been reminded of the dangers of small children around machinery like ride-on mowers.


  1. Kylie McDonald-Howarth says

    Are u serious!!! Posting facts about an accident is one thing, but then to make hideous jokes about the incident is just disgusting!
    I live in Manildra and know the people who were involved with this terrible tragedy, and they are shocked and devastated enough as it is without reading this kind of crap!
    For goodness sake you people…Have some respect or keep your sick comments and opinions to yourselves!