August 19, 2019

BAE cuts 3,000 jobs in UK

BAE needs the government to start a new war somewhere to maintain production.

Nearly 3,000 jobs are planned to be cut by British arms manufacturer BAE Systems in a restructuring plan designed to help the company perform more “efficiently”.

The three worst hit plants are; Brough in East Yorkshire which will lose 900 jobs, Warton in Lancashire will lose 822 jobs and Samlesbury, also in Lancashire, will lose 565 jobs.

A further 655 jobs will be lost at smaller sites too, taking the final figure to 2,942.

Unions have called for urgent talks with the UK’s biggest defence firm.

BAE would not comment on job cuts, but said it had reviewed operations to ensure it was performing “efficiently”.

The company said in a statement on Monday: “Whilst there has been a lot of media speculation it has always been our intention to communicate the results of the review to employees as a priority, and this will take place on Tuesday, 27 September.”

The Unite union said the fact BAE was planning to cut jobs would “be a hammer blow to the UK defence industry, which is already reeling with the consequences of the government’s ‘buy off the shelf’ policy”.

Job cuts at BAE Systems Warton would have a huge impact on the local economy, said Fylde MP Mark Menzies.

“Everyone knows somebody who works at BAE Systems,” he said. “It will also have a huge impact on businesses from local hotels to taxis.”

The Ministry of Defence said it had no comment.

BAE Systems currently employs just under 100,000 staff globally, of which 40,000 are in the UK.

Last December, the company said it was planning 1,400 job losses across all operations, including sites in Hampshire, Greater Manchester and Somerset. Obviously they acquired a taste for cuts and have gone on a rampage.

Newswarped wonders how many senior managers are up for the chop to save money? None? Looks like the workers and middle management will be sacrificed as usual. Rather like a real war.