August 19, 2019

Cameron orders inquiry into Libyan rendition allegations

Of course foreign terrorist suspects were not tortured on our behalf by the Libyan secret service - they were Labour Party activists.

British Prime Minister David Cameron says that allegations that MI6 was involved in the rendition of Libyan terror suspects should be examined by an independent inquiry.

When a regime like the Gaddafi’s falls in a hurry it does not allow time for secrets to be disposed of. Hence the discovery of papers in Tripoli that suggest that MI6, the CIA and the Gaddafi regime best of mates when it came to extracting information from prisoners.

Former Libyan foreign minister Abdelati Obeidi has also claimed MI6 was co-operating with the old regime until about six months ago.

Just to add to the embarassment, the commander of anti-government forces in Tripoli, Abdel Hakim Belhaj, said he was taken to Libya in a CIA and MI6 operation in 2004 after being arrested in Bangkok.

Mr Belhaj, then a terrorist suspect, said he was tortured in Libya.

This appears to be confirmed by documents discovered in an abandoned office building in Tripoli by staff from Human Rights Watch.

Making a statement on Libya in the Commons earlier, Prime Minister David Cameron said: “We’ve asked the retired judge, Sir Peter Gibson, to examine issues around the detention and treatment of terrorist suspects overseas and this inquiry has already said it will look at these latest accusations very carefully.”

“My concern throughout has been not only to remove any stain on Britain’s reputation but also to deal with these accusations of malpractice so as to enable our security services to get on with the vital work that they do.”

Newswarped admires David Camerons enthusiasm for getting to the truth about renditions. Our more cyncial side suggests that his excitement over the investigation is fuled more by the fact most of it happened during the Labour partys last stretch in power.

Other documents found by Human Rights Watch workers are reported to suggest that MI6 gave the Gaddafi regime details of dissidents.