August 22, 2019

Carl Williams murder video shown in court

Carl Williams in happier times before his close relationship with an iron bar.

The video footage of Carl Williams being killed in Barwon Jail in April last year has been shown in court at the trial of his killer Matthew Johnson. The three minutes of silent footage shows in graphic detail how the 39-year-old convicted drug dealer and murderer died.

On Tuesday, the jury in the murder trial of Williams’s cellmate, Matthew Charles Johnson, watched the footage of Williams sitting alone in the day room of the high-security Acacia unit in Barwon jail, surrounded by exercise equipment. Willaims is seen reading the Herald Sun newspaper, where he is the newspaper’s front page story. The story was about the police paying his daughter’s school fees and settling a $750,000 tax bill his father owed.

His back is to the open door of his cell, alongside a walkway to elsewhere within the prison block. One of the two inmates with whom he shares unit 1, Tommy Ivanovic, is seen pottering around the recreation room, before his other cellmate, Johnson, appears briefly in the background holding the metre-long metal stem of an exercise bike.

Williams remains unaware of his presence. After a forceful blow to the right side of his head, Williams drops to the floor, face first. Johnson strikes him another seven times.

As Williams lies motionless behind the table, Johnson puts a towel over his bloodied body and leaves the room, taking the pole. When he returns, he drags Williams to his empty, dark cell. He closes the door and puts the towel over the blood where the attack took place. He walks away. Williams could not be revived.

The prosecutor Mark Rochford, SC, warned the eight women and seven men – three extra in case jurors drop out – about its graphic footage: “It’s real. It’s not TV, it’s not a movie. It is expected that you will have some sort of emotional reaction to it.”

”Mr Williams died as a result of the infliction of these blows,” he said, raising the bike part. ”You’ll see this, you’ll feel this for yourself … You’ll feel the weight, the heaviness …

”The Crown case is that this was a deliberate intentional killing done with the requisite intent to kill or do really serious injury, and done without lawful justification or excuse.”

After dragging Williams into his cell, Johnson and Ivanovic walked laps of the exercise yard, entering the day room a number of times, Mr Rochford said.

The attack took place at 12.48pm. About 1.15 pm they told a prison officer she should press the alarm because Williams had ”hit his head”.

Mr Rochford said: ”Several prison officers approach the unit, they enter, they locate Carl Williams in his individual cell No. 2 with extensive head injuries.”

He said that when homicide detectives interviewed Johnson, he told them: ”I acted alone”.

Johnson has pleaded not guilty to murder. His defence lawyer, Bill Stuart, said he killed Williams in self-defence.

The Victorian Supreme Court heard that Williams was talking to authorities about police corruption in the hope he would receive a $1 million reward – among other benefits – for providing information about a double murder.

George Williams told the court yesterday his son had hoped one day to lodge an appeal for a reduction in his sentence as a result of the information he was providing police. He had also hoped to cash in on a reward being offered in relation to the crime, he said.

Mr Williams told the court his son and Johnson got along well and there was no suggestion of any conflict between them, even during his last visit to Carl, on the morning of his death.

The trial is expected to last four weeks.

Lets face it pumpkins. Williams died the way he lived – violently. Perhaps the video should display the caption – “no decent citizens were harmed in the making of this movie.”

A still from the video footage showing Williams seconds from death.