August 22, 2019

First Boeing 787 Dreamliner delivered

All Nippon Airways takes delivery of the first 787 Dreamliner.

US aircraft manufacturer, Boeing has delivered its first 787 Dreamliner to Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA), after three years of delays.

The Dreamliner had originally been scheduled for delivery in 2008, but Boeing has suffered a string of setbacks, including an onboard fire during test flights in January. Newswarped understands that onboard fires can be a real downer for aircraft passengers.

The new 787 Dreamliner is more fuel-efficient and made from lightweight composite plastic materials rather than the traditional aluminium.

The plane was presented to ANA at a ceremony in Everett, Washington. On Tuesday it will fly to Tokyo.

Boeing chairman and chief executive James McNerney said: “Today we celebrate a significant moment in the history of flight.”

In a light-hearted nod to the delays that have befallen the 787 project, he thanked ANA’s president Shinichiro Ito for “waiting for this day”.

Mr Ito replied that he knew “the road that led to today was full of great difficulties. Yet all of those challenges were overcome.”

Newswarped notes that Mr McNerney did not make any ‘lighthearted’ mentions in his speech about that other very successful Boeing export to Japan – the B-29.

So far Boeing has 821 orders for the 787, which it says is 20% more fuel efficient than similar-sized current planes.

It has seating for 290 passengers in the largest 787-9 version. Even though it is much smaller than a 747, Boeing hopes that it will be popular with airlines wanting to fly direct flights into smaller airports.

There is no denying that Boeing make superb aircraft. They do have a fight on their hands at the moment though, with European manufacturer Airbus making huge inroads into Boeings market share in recent years.