June 25, 2019

Melissa George says Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen best to work with

Portraying a lesbian is not the career killer it used to be.

Australian actress Melissa George says Jennifer Aniston is her favourite co-star along with Clive Owen.

Melissa George is famous for her 2003 guest star role on the sitcom, Friends, where she played the ‘lesbian nanny’in two episodes

Teaming up with Jennifer Aniston again in the new film Derailed, George claimed that Aniston was her “favourite co-star”.”

“I’d worked with her twic.e before on Friends as the nanny and when we were working together on Derailed all she kept saying was ‘She’s my lesbian nanny!’ She’s really beautiful and so down to earth.”

George also loved working with Clive Owen on the Mikael Hafstrom-directed film.

The 35-year-old says the British actor was a joy to be around, and managed to lighten the mood on set when filming got tough.

“He was a riot,” she explained.

“It was such a serious film but we’d always do one take where it would be comedic for the sake of it.

“I’ve seen him a couple of times since and he’s always adorable.”