August 22, 2019

Military convoy of pro-Gaddafi forces crosses into Niger

We are taking the Colonel's gold to Niger for safe keeping while he fights to the death making audio tapes.

An armed convoy of soldiers has crossed from Libya into Niger and arrived in Agadez late on Monday, military sources from France and Niger told Reuters news agency.

The convoy of 200 to 250 vehicles is believed to be carrying mainly Tuareg fighters recruited by fugitive Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi to fight for his regime.

It is not clear whether any of the Gaddafi family were in the convoy. His spokesman said he was still in Libya.

A local resident was quoted by the Associated Press news agency as saying that convoy consisted of more than a dozen trucks carrying well-armed Libyan troops.

He added that the Libyans were also accompanied by well-armed Tuareg tribal fighters.

There is speculation that the convoy could be carrying members of Colonel Gaddafi’s entourage, as the desert route is the likeliest way for them to escape troops belonging to the anti-Gaddafi transitional authorities.

The landlocked West African state of Burkina Faso, which shares a border with Niger, has offered Colonel Gaddafi asylum.

In a separate incident, Colonel Gaddafi’s chief of security, Mansour Daw, is reported to have crossed into Niger.

Earlier on Monday, Colonel Gaddafi’s spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said that the Libyan leader was “in very high spirits”.

“He is in a place that will not be reached by those fractious groups, and he is in Libya,” Mr Ibrahim told Syrian-based Arrai TV.

It will only be a matter of time before Gaddafi is found. Libya is a huge counntry but it is no Afghanistan when it comes to evading capture.