August 22, 2019

Serepisos loses Wellington Phoenix

Terry Serepisos - the man who saved A-League football in New Zealand.

Wellington businessman Terry Serepisos has lost control of A-League football club, the Wellington Phoenix.

The future of Wellington Phoenix football club will be revealed at noon today at a hastily organised media conference to be held by Football Federation Australia.

The meeting, at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Wellington comes after intense speculation over the ability of cash-strapped club owner Terry Serepisos’ ability to continue funding the club.

Mr Serepisos is trying to convince creditors and the High Court to accept a two-year sell off of properties valued at $232 million to cover debts to 27 organisations of $203m.

While his property portfolio is for sale, he has always maintained that the Phoenix would remain under his control.

Mr Serepisos has been in talks with Football Federation Australia over his continued involvement with the A-League football club, which he established in 2007. But behind the scenes there is a consortium of businessmen, led by investment banker Rob Morrison, who are willing to step in to finance the club if Mr Serepisos was unable to do so himself.

It is understood Mr Morrison has also had talks with the FFA. It looks like the FFA is going to back a sure horse rather than the negative publicity machine that Serepisos has become for the A-League.

Terry has done a fantastic job in assisting the development of New Zealand football and giving young players a career path. He needs to be applauded for what he has achieved rather than focusing on his financial struggles that have nothing to do with football.