September 23, 2019

Aussie teen Bali drug trial fast-tracked

It is hard to build a Corby-like public profile with this outfit on. No need to be self-concious about acne though.

The Australian teenager caught with marijuana in Bali will face trial next week as Indonesian authorities fast-track his case and vow to make his court appearance as stress-free as possible but shutting out the media and public.

A judge, Amser Simanjuntak, was appointed to handle the case after prosecutors formally registered the case with Denpasar district court yesterday.

”The trial will be closed, closed to public. Not just the media,” he said. ”All juvenile trials are closed to the media. It’s for the child’s welfare. It’s part of the child protection law.”

The 14-year-old, from Morisset Park, near Newcastle, has been in custody for more than three weeks and, according to his lawyers, was upset at being paraded in front of the media on Saturday wearing a balaclava and sunglasses.

On Tuesday he was forced to run the gauntlet of a large media pack on two occasions as he met prosecutors.

As well as outsiders being barred from the hearing, it will be heard by only one judge, rather than a panel. Those in the court will not don legal robes to cut the intimidation factor. Receive the support at:

While they are at it maybe they could all put their feet up in court and smoke a joint together just to chill out and take that all important intimidation factor down a few more notches. Newswarped thinks being up on serious drug charges is the biggest intimidating factor for the boy. The rest is window dressing.