August 23, 2019

Eye gouge claim against French team in Rugby World Cup Final

Thierry and Richie find time for a quiet cuddle during the World Cup Final.

The French rugby captain’s role in an alleged eye-gouging incident against All Blacks counterpart Richie McCaw during Sunday’s final has been questioned by commentator Keith Quinn.

Quinn told Radio New Zealand there was an attempt to gouge the All Blacks captain’s eye during a ruck towards the end of the match and Thierry Dusautoir, who was last night named International Rugby Board Player of the Year, offered no condolences.

“There was an incident late in the World Cup final (about) which more detail may emerge. He was very close to an incident in the ruck in which there was an attempt to eye-gouge the New Zealand captain Richie McCaw,” he told Radio New Zealand.

“It was clearly seen on TV. McCaw needed attention from medical staff.”

Mr Quinn said it wasn’t clear in the video whether Dusautoir was responsible for the eye-gouging, but said the French captain was “right there”.

He said his information about the event came from “within the New Zealand camp”.

“Dusotoir was right there but didn’t attempt to offer any concern about about McCaw’s condition.”

He thought the incident explained why New Zealand and French players didn’t embrace at the end of the game, and why there was little or no mention about the French team in the speeches after the final.

Mr Quinn is calling for more information about the alleged incident.

“I think more needs to be investigated about the incident. The illustrious awarded player of the year surely involves elements of fair play.”

Former All Black captain Stu Wilson said more details would emerge if the alleged incident happened but Dusautoir was a worthy winner of the player of the year award.

“This incident, if there is an incident, and there’s merit in bringing it up, will surface and then he’ll get banged for it,” he told Radio New Zealand.

“But you can’t take that one incident into the award which was taken over a season.”

– NZ Herald