August 22, 2019

Murdering Milat nephew declared “someones going to die”

David Auchterlonie - murdered on his birthday by a seriously evil scumbag.

Just days before he murdered a teenager with an axe, the 17 year-old nephew of serial killer Ivan Milat started revealing some of his muderous plan to friends.

At one stage he even asked his intended victim, David Auchterlonie, 17, if he knew where he could get his hands on a shotgun.

And just hours before Milat’s nephew – whose name is suppressed – set off on the half-hour drive south from the town of Bargo with David and two others, he confessed to a close friend what he was going to do.

He rubbed his hands together, court documents reveal, and boasted: ”We’re going out to Belanglo and someone’s going to die.”

”Don’t be stupid. Stop joking. No, you’re not,” the friend responded.

He replied: ”I’m not joking.”

The next day, after he had struck David in the head with the axe and left his body in the same forest where his relative, Ivan, murdered seven backpackers during the 1990s, friends still did not believe he had done it.

He told them: ”You know me, you know my family … I did what they do. At one stage the axe got stuck, so I had to kick the back of his head to get it loose.”

Yesterday the teenager pleaded guilty in Campbelltown Children’s Court to the murder on the night of November 20 last year. David Auchterlonie’s grandmother, Sandra, told the Sydney Morning Herald last night she was still trying to find any relief in the fact that ”the evil seed of Ivan Milat had finally pleaded guilty”.

On the day of his murder, David had been celebrating his birthday with his grandparents, with whom he lived in Bargo. But that evening, he was lured to Belanglo to party with the Milat relative.

David was told they would ”have a few drinks and a bit of fun”, court documents showed.

But even before they set off, David told his long-time friend, Chase Day, who accompanied him on the trip, he had some reservations about going.

”I think they’re going to do something to me. But then again, they probably won’t,” David said.

It was dark by the time the four boys reached Belanglo. They parked the car in the pine plantation and David sat in the front seat preparing joints for them to smoke.

The Milat relative jumped out of the car and walked around to the boot with the fourth boy and asked him: ”Can you feel the adrenalin?”

One of the boys then started recording on a mobile phone what would take place during the next 15 minutes. That audio became crucial evidence in the police case against the Milat relative.

While the other two boys sat in the car, David was called around to the back by the teenager who immediately struck David in the stomach with the axe.

David tried to run but the teenager caught him and told him to get on the ground. For the next 10 minutes the teenager stood over David as he begged for his life.

”You f—ing move and I’m going to kill you,” the Milat relative told him. ”From what I’ve heard you’re the one going around telling people about the money that I stole from my mum’s house.”

”I swear to God I haven’t,” David said.

Their exchange went on, with the teenager angry that David had supposedly been badmouthing him around town.

”I warned you a while ago didn’t I?” the accused said. ”I warned you that I was a bit of a f—ing nut lately. You didn’t f—ing listen.”

Moments later the sound of David being struck with the axe on the back of the skull and the air leaving his body is picked up on the recording which finishes almost immediately after.

On the journey home the fourth boy tells the Milat relative: ”I told you that you’re going down the same path as [Ivan].”

Despite boasting to half a dozen friends what he had done, it was not until the next evening that Chase Day went to the police and told them what had happened and led detectives to the body.

Mr Day was initially charged with being an accessory after the fact but police dropped the charge last month.

In almost the year since the murder, Mrs Auchterlonie has not changed a thing in David’s bedroom.

She said she was stunned that someone had spent up to a week planning her grandson’s death. ”It’s that evil Milat gene coming out,” she said.

The Auchterlonie family plans an 18th birthday gathering for David on November 20, also the anniversary of his death.

Three and a half weeks later, on December 12, the family will be in the NSW Supreme Court when the Milat relative is sentenced.

Apart from the murder itself the saddest part of the whole awful episode is that the murdering Milat nephew despite being only 17, has already spawned another Milat baby to potentially carry on the family business of misery.