June 23, 2018

Obama Aussie Visit details


  1. peter atkinaa says:


    So, there are still people out there that believe that military is evil…..?

    Glad to see that.

    Good on you Alberto.

    Fully agree with you!!


  2. alberto riveria says:


    Good or evil?

    Its definetly not good, so its evil.

    Any person, male, female, prime minister, president, pope, queen, king……..etc that allows, supports, implements, trains, believes in military acitons in any shape or form is not a ethic / moral standard being.

    Regardless of his/her attempt to have it justified.

    Going to war, killing or allowing any of the sort, is definetly incorrect.

    NObody should support, give aid or uphold anyone that is doing the sort, including the USA PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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