September 23, 2019

Zac Guildford flees Rarotonga and wants to give up alcohol

I would just like to apologise to everyone for having to listen to me read so many apologies that someone else wrote for me.

All Black Zac Guildford has arrived back in New Zealand after being smuggled aboard a Pacific Blue flight from Rarotonga to Auckland by All Blacks mentalist, Gilbert Enoka.

On his return to New Zealand, Enoka sign the MAF form that he was carrying no harmful pests but did not have his bags packed. Once he had cleared customs, out popped Zac who declared he wanted to give up alcohol. It was a short script he was given rather like all the others in recent months that he has been handed to read.

He said he was “deeply embarrassed” about his actions in Rarotonga and now wants to give up drinking alcohol.

“I would like to apologise for myself. I feel really embarrassed. The last few months I have had a bit of a problem with drinking and I need to address that, and all I can do now is move forward and put some positive steps in place with a good support group I have.” Yes lovely writing Gilbert. Did you get the media people to help or was it all your own work?

Guildford says last Friday night was a “blur” and admits he was heavily intoxicated.

“My actions were not that of a professional sportsman, which I’m disappointed with. I just want to get home and sort myself out.”

He now wanted to take the correct steps to ensure he could continue with the All Blacks and the Crusaders, saying “I can’t keep messing up.”

“I just hope the New Zealand Rugby Union have faith in me and I can put the right structures in place and prove to them that this time Im ready to give it a good crack and put myself in a better position to be a better person, and if being an All black flows from that then it does, but at the moment I’m concentrating on myself and the Crusaders.”

I suppose at least Zac has moved on from the pathetic excuse that he “didn’t remember anything about the incident”.

Hours earlier New Zealand Rugby Union mental skills coach Gilbert Enoka had assured the local media that Guildford was not leaving the country. Yes that is right folks I said he was not leaving the country and that is correct. He has in fact departed the country. It is a totally different thing.

Last Friday a drunken, bloodied and naked Guildford allegedly assaulted two patrons in a bar and earlier in the day allegedly sexually abused and harassed a woman. Yesterday the woman, triathlete Kelly Pick, laid a complaint with police about Guildford.

With Enoka, Guildford met and apologised to the two men he was said to have assaulted in Trader Jacks bar.

Enoka told the Cook Islands News that Guildford would be making an offer of some kind in the future to make amends. Ah but does Gilbert speak with forked tongue? “some kind” in the “future”? All very vague stuff.

Meanwhile back in Rarotonga, Kelly Pick says she felt pressured by All Blacks management to drop her complaint with Cook Islands police.

Pick alleged Guildford directed sexual profanities at her while she was out running.

When Pick filed a complaint with police yesterday, she was asked if she had been put up to it by the media. She strongly rejected that.

On top of that, she said Enoka phoned her and asked her to meet Guildford, but said she was to keep journalists away.

It was stressed to the Rarotonga-based New Zealander that Guildford would apologise, but their meeting should be secret. Pick was uncomfortable, saying she felt it was implied she should drop her complaint for the meeting to occur.

Acting police commissioner Akatauira Matapo said yesterday that although Pick’s complaint would be investigated, Guildford was free to go. That is right lets get in the Raro grove here. An investigation might take place some time in the future.

The World Cup winger had been held in the police cells overnight, and, “given their dank and smelly conditions, that was punishment enough”, Commissioner Matapo said.

Matapo expressed surprise at the time it took Pick to lay a complaint, saying he regarded it as a waste of police time. Guildford would be charged if there was evidence. Well Kelly we can safely assume that the promised investigation will always be “in the future”.

“We have no charges against him … I am not even too sure where he is on the island.” He is not on the island now you dumb shit.

Matapo said public drunkenness charges had been considered at the time of the incident.

Guildford did not get special treatment Mr Matapo said his staff did not know at the time he was an All Black. We treat everyone the same and never lay charges. unless of course a woman complains about a man and then she is in big trouble.

Rarotonga sources said a stag “night” began about 10am on Thursday at Sails restaurant at Muri Beach.

Guildford later drove out on a motorbike, with another rider.

When they came across Pick running, they began doing “donuts” on their bikes. Guildford kept driving in front of her, the triathlete said.

“He made comments about me that were derogatory and sexually orientated,” she said. Some of it was sexual profanity.

“He was making comments about my physical stature. When I told him to leave me alone, he got aggressive. I was a little bit worried about his behaviour. I was worried that if I told them to go ahead he might retaliate.”

She hid in a shop, and said she was still angry days later. She decided to complain to police when she heard no charges would arise from the incident at the bar.

She wanted Guildford to accept the consequences of his behaviour.

“The incident with me is quite minor. He needs to face up to his actions; he needs to face up and face consequences. He cannot keep apologising, he has to face his actions.”

Well said Kelly.

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