August 19, 2019

Ma’a Nonu – Have you seen my franchise bro?

Don’t pick on me bro, I’m just trying to get the full set of NZ Super Rugby franchise shirts.

Poor old Maá Nonu. He seems to be having trouble finding his Super Rugby franchise. Got booted out of the Hurricanes, went to the Blues and now he’s going to turn up in Dunedin to play for the Highlanders. Nonu is one of those rugby players that plays really well for the All Blacks but seems to have trouble motivating himself to give his best in the next tier down. The trouble is to play for the All Blacks he has to front up for a Super Rugby Franchise.

Nonu is also one of those players who seems to leave a trail of destruction behind them, but it is never their fault. Three franchises in three years tells its own story. Try looking in the mirror for once Ma’a. He didn’t cover himself in glory when interviewed either. Just bypassing the questions about his sudden switch and not honouring a contract with the Auckland Blues, he claimed to not know much about the contract side of things. “I leave all that to my manager” is not a compelling answer. Your frigging manager only does what you direct him to do Ma’a. How about you man up with a bit of honesty.

At Least Sir John Kirwan had the balls to say exactly how he felt. Good on you John. All the best for the coming season.