August 22, 2019

Subway sued over Short Subs

footlong sub

Males have been exaggerating how many inches for centuries now Subway is getting in on the act.

In the US, two New Jersey men filed a lawsuit against sandwich giant Subway this week, claiming the world’s biggest fast-food chain has been selling foot long subs that don’t measure up.

Last week a photo posted on the company’s Facebook page of a foot long sub coming up short next to a ruler went viral.

At the time, the company issued a statement saying that the sandwich length can vary a bit when franchises do not bake to the exact corporate standards.

Stephen DeNittis, the lawyer for the plaintiffs in the New Jersey suit, said he’s seeking class-action status and is also preparing to file a similar suit in Pennsylvania state court in Philadelphia.

He said he’s had sandwiches from 17 shops measured – and every one came up short.

“The case is about holding companies to deliver what they’ve promised,” he said.

With 38.000 stores worldwide that adds up to a lot of bread and lost filling. Newswarped thinks that if a company is dumb enough to make an exact measurement a cornerstone in their key products name then they should suffer if they come up short. McDonalds got this sussed when they labelled their flagship burger a Big Mac. Big is not measurable it is subjective. Although they did have some issues for a while with the quarter-pounder before they spent a lot of money educating us that it was the pre-cooked weight.

America eh? got to love it. Nothing like a frivolous lawsuit to take peoples mind off the crap economy and sickos’ with guns running rampant.