July 19, 2019

Tyler Hamilton says Lance Armstrong took EPO

Tyler Hamilton, a former teammate of cyclist Lance Armstrong in the US Postal cycling team has said the seven-time Tour de France winner used the performance-enhancing drug EPO. Hamilton says that both he and Armstrong used EPO during the 1999 Tour de France. "I saw [EPO] in his refrigerator. … [Read more...]

Pakistan’s US ambassador says “heads will roll” after Bin Laden investigation

Husain Haqqani, Pakistan's ambassador to Washington has vowed that Islamabad officials will be sacked regardless of the outcome of an investigation into how Osama bin Laden lived undetected for years in Pakistan. "Heads will roll, once the investigation has been completed," Haqqani says. "Now, if … [Read more...]

Thailand tourist deaths – toxin found in hotel

A toxin used in an insecticide spray at a Chiang Mai Hotel may be behind the deaths of six tourists and a tour guide in Thailand in recent months. A 60 Minutes investigation into the death of New Zealander Sarah Carter has found the Downtown Inn hotel was using a spray with a potentially lethal … [Read more...]

Writer claims ‘Three Cups of Tea’ author lied about story

Jon Krakauer the best selling US author of 'Into Thin Air' claims that key elements of fellow US writer Greg Mortenson's book 'Three Cups of Tea' are false. The claims have been aired in a 60 Minutes investigation aired last night in the US. Krakauer says "It's a beautiful story. And it's a lie." … [Read more...]

Kim Duthie apologises to St Kilda players in nude photo scandal

Kim Duthie has finally apologised to St Kilda AFL stars Nick Riewoldt, Nick Dal Santo and Zac Dawson, for releasing nude photos via Facebook last year. Kim Duthie appears on YouTube reading a statement saying she "could not imagine the grief she has caused the players". She said that, after … [Read more...]