February 23, 2019

John McCain accuses GOP nomination hopefuls of “isolationism”

Senator John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, has accused the contenders for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination of "isolationism." "We cannot repeat the lessons of the 1930s, when the United States of America stood by while bad things happened in the world," McCain said in … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin says she could beat Obama in 2012

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has said she could defeat President Barack Obama in the 2012 election. Mrs Palin told ABC she was "looking at the lay of the land". It is unclear at this stage what the lay of the land is telling her. The 2008 Republican Vice-Presidential candidate got a lot … [Read more...]

John Howard gets shoes thrown at him on TV

John Howard's re-emerged into public life on ABC's Q&A last night and promptly found himself dodging shoes as well as questions. About to release his memoir Lazarus Rising, Howard was answering questions from the studio audience when one of them got frustrated and threw his shoes at Howard. … [Read more...]

The A-Team – Movie Review

In the mid 1980's and for years afterwards in syndication, the A-Team ruled the roost in comedy action/drama as producer Stephen J. Cannell (at the time recently fired from ABC) scored a surprise hit in his first production for NBC. The formula was simple. Wrongly accused heroes on the run from … [Read more...]