June 16, 2019

Introducing Kim Dotcom – the new stealth person

Newswarped can reveal that a new secret weapon has been uncovered down in little old New Zealand. A large man who can apparently make himself invisible. This stealth man has successfully made himself invisible to our Prime Minister and the leader of the ACT party. He also made himself invisible when … [Read more...]

John Banks puts name forward as ACT candidate for Epsom

Former Auckland City mayor and National Party MP, John Banks has officially put his name forward to be the Act party's candidate for the Epsom electorate in this year's New Zealand general election. Speculation has been strong that Banks would have a go at national politics again after his … [Read more...]

David Garrett resigns from ACT Party

Act Party MP David Garrett has quit his party and conceded his political career is almost certainly over. He has left Parliament on two weeks leave and returned to Christchurch. Since revelations of child identity theft and assault convictions surfaced this week Garrett has been under pressure … [Read more...]

Act Party MP David Garrett admits stealing dead childs identity

New Zealand Act Party MP David Garrett admitted yesterday that he was convicted in 2005 for obtaining a passport under a dead childs name. Mr Garrett called his decision to copy the identity theft idea from the Frederick Forsyth novel The Day of the Jackel a "prank". He also admitted that he was … [Read more...]

Hide thinks ‘fragile’ Roy will get a rough time on her return

New Zealand ACT Party leader Rodney Hide is indicating that his former deputy, Heather Roy, will not have an easy return to Parliament once her two week 'stress' leave is over. Mrs Roy said last night she intended to return as an ACT MP. In recent times Rodney has become an expert on what Heather … [Read more...]

Act Party Coup – Heather Roy faces the chop

New Zealand ACT Party MP Heather Roy's deputy leadership role is on the line at the party caucus meeting today. Act Party caucus meetings are a cosy affair with only five MP's if everyone shows up. Things have been a bit awkward since the end of last year when Heather Roy made noises via her … [Read more...]