August 26, 2019

First Boeing 787 Dreamliner delivered

US aircraft manufacturer, Boeing has delivered its first 787 Dreamliner to Japan's All Nippon Airways (ANA), after three years of delays. The Dreamliner had originally been scheduled for delivery in 2008, but Boeing has suffered a string of setbacks, including an onboard fire during test flights … [Read more...]

Airbus trounces Boeing at Paris Air Show

Airbus has piled on the orders at the Paris Air Show with Boeing a distant second. Malaysian budget airline AirAsia created the largest single order of commercial aircraft in history when they signed up for 200 Airbus A320neo airliners worth around $18 billion. The AirAsia deal trumped the … [Read more...]

Air France 447 flight recorder says plane plunged while captain ‘rested’

Air France flight 447 plunged for three-and-a-half minutes before crashing into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 228 people on board. The first evidence from the black box flight recorder says the Airbus lost speed and stalled while the captain was resting. Pierre-Cedric Bonin, flight 447's junior … [Read more...]

Air France flight 447 black box flight recorder found

Searchers have retrieved one of the two black box flight recorders from the ocean floor, belonging to Air France flight 447 that crashed into the Atlantic in 2009, off the coast of Brazil. Last week the outer casing of the flight recorder was found, but not its memory pods. France's Bureau of … [Read more...]

Part of Air France crash flight recorder found

Search teams at the 2009 Air France crash site of the coast of Brazil have discovered part of the flight recorder casing after weeks of searching. The 'black box' flight data recorder itself is still unaccounted for but searchers are confident it will be found. Air crash investigators admit … [Read more...]

Oil leaks found in Qantas engines

Oil Leaks have been found in three engines on other Qantas A380's inspected following last Thursday's mid-air engine explosion over Indonesia. Qantas is keeping its six A380 superjumbos on the ground as testing continues under supervision from Rolls-Royce and Airbus technicians. ''We are now … [Read more...]