September 23, 2019

Canadian teen tourist dies from Aussie Mosquito bite

A 19-year-old Canadian tourist has died after contracting a rare mosquito-borne disease while on holiday in the Northern Territory, Australia. The Northern Territory Department of Health issued a warning advising people cover up to avoid being bitten, after the Canadian woman became the third … [Read more...]

Canadian wildfires – thousands evacuated

Officials in Alberta, Canada are struggling to contain dozens of wildfires burning across the province. Hundreds of homes have been desroyed and thousands of people have been forced form their homes. A large part of the Alberta's oil production has been forced to shut down as unpredictable winds … [Read more...]

William and Catherine’s Canada tour set to be global event

Prince William and Catherine Middleton, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are undertaking their first royal tour to Canada between 30th June and 8th July 2011. When the royal tour was announced in February by Canada Governor General David Johnston, it caused a minor ripple. Now that the … [Read more...]