September 23, 2018

West Ham hammers Manchester United 4-0

English Premier League side West Ham have made it to the Carling Cup semi-finals with a 4-0 thrashing of Manchester United at Upton Park. Two first half goals from American defender Jonathan Spector were complemented by two from Carlton Cole in the second half. It is the first time in 20 years … [Read more...]

Americans who think Obama is a Muslim are on the rise

The number of Americans who think US President Barack Obama is a Muslim are on the rise according to a research poll. The Pew Research poll shows that 18% of Americans now believe that President Obama is a Muslim. This is up from 11% a little over a year ago. The polling was done just before … [Read more...]

Dutch Soldiers Leaving Afghanistan

The Netherlands is pullng out of Afghanistan after four years of deployment with NATO forces fighting the Taleban.  General Peter van Uhm - commander of the 1,950 Dutch soldiers said they "had seen security improve significantly in Uruzgan province." The Dutch forces were highly regarded for … [Read more...]