June 25, 2019

Mutant bird flu strain hits China and Vietnam

A deadly strain of avian ifluenza is on the march again. The United Nations, World Health Organization says the mutant strain - able to sidestep vaccines - could be spreading in Asia. The variant appeared in Vietnam and China and its risk to humans cannot be predicted, veterinary officials … [Read more...]

Union takes aim at Qantas after 1000 job cuts announced

Australian Unions are taking aim at Qantas following the airline's announcement that it plans to cut up to 1000 jobs. Qantas also plans to launch a premium airline based in Asia and a new Jetstar Japan budget airline. Australian Services Union (ASU) Assistant National Secretary Linda White … [Read more...]

Passenger finds beetle larva in airline meal

A woman on a Jetstar flight from Singapore to Australia last week found a beetle larva in her Jetstar in-flight meal. Serena Chen asked for a refund but was told she would have to apply for one online. After some discussion she was offered a replacement meal and her money was refunded. Serena … [Read more...]

China hackers access Google e-mail accounts

Google has announced that a hacking attack originating in China has successfully compromised personal e-mail accounts of hundreds of top US officials, military personnel and journalists. Google says the hacking a campaign to obtain passwords originated in Jinan, China and was aimed at monitoring … [Read more...]

Far-right group plans “anti-Asian” rally

A far-right group based in Christchurch, New Zealand is planning a "massive anti-Asian rally" in Aucklands, Queen St after holding a recruiting drive in NZ's biggest city. The group calls itself The Right Wing Resistance and has been handing out flyers in areas with a high Asian population, … [Read more...]

Tsunami-stranded porpoise found inland in Japan

Rescuers in Japan have returned a stranded baby porpoise to the sea after it was found splashing in an inland rice paddy where it was washed up earlier this month by the massive tsunami that hit Japan. A passer-by spotted the metre-long finless porpoise Tuesday inland, around 2km from shore, and … [Read more...]

Sydney FC sign Durante for Asian Champions League

Sydney FC have signed Wellington Phoenix captain Andrew Durante for their upcoming Asian Champions League campaign. In a surprise move the 28 defender has signed with Sydney FC for three months to play in the group stages of the ACL. He will then re-sign with the Phoenix before the start of the … [Read more...]

Mount Merapi cuts Obama Indonesia trip short

US President Barack Obama is cutting short his visit to Indonesia because of fears that volcanic ash from Mount Merapi might disrupt air travel. Specifically Air Force One air travel. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs earlier told reporters that officials were closely monitoring the ash cloud. … [Read more...]

US Federal Reserve to inject $900 Billion

The US Federal Reserve has announced it will attempt to stimulate growth by pumping up to $900 billion into a sluggish American economy. With lacklustre consumer spending, businesses have been reluctant to hire and the economy has hardly grown at all. Inflation is low, interest rates are low. … [Read more...]

Clinton asks Key about Canterbury earthquake

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has asked New Zealand Prime Minister John Key how Canterbury is coping after the earthquake. This is headline news in one of the worlds most insecure countries - New Zealand. The Christchurch Press is trumpeting this as a major story. What … [Read more...]

US nuclear missiles go offline with computer glitch

A computer hardware malfunction has taken 50 nuclear inter-continental ballistic missiles off-line for 45 minutes. Apparently President Barack Obama has been briefed about the suspected hardware glitch. No US President likes to push the big red button and get an error messsage. An official, … [Read more...]

Brazil Elections: Rousseff set to win Presidency

Brazilian voters headed to the polls Sunday and look set to elect their first female President. Former Marxist guerrilla Dilma Rousseff is leading the polls in a general election that spans across all levels of government, from the presidency to local offices. About 135 million Brazillians are … [Read more...]