September 23, 2019

Arab nations recall ambassadors from Syria

As Syria's violent clampdown against internal dissent continues, the governments of countries in the region have recalled their ambassadors for consultaton. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain say they were recalling their ambassadors from Syria to discuss the situation. Saudi Arabia's King … [Read more...]

Shia protesters in Bahrain sentenced to life in prison

A Bahrain court has sentenced eight Shia pro-democracy activists to life in prison for "plotting to overthrow the government." The Special Security Court put 21 opposition activists on trial and rewarded their opposition to the government with hefty jail sentences. Undeterred, protesters … [Read more...]

Bahrain F1 Grand Prix “not on”- Ecclestone

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has said October's reinstated Bahrain F1 Grand Prix cannot go ahead despite the FIA reinstating it on the racing calendar for October. The race was due to open the F1 season in March but was called off because of civil unrest in Bahrainwith dozens of protesters … [Read more...]

Bahrain declares state of emergency

King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain has asked the head of the military to guarantee security across the country, after declaring a three-month state of emergency, following weeks of pro-democracy demonstrations. The state of emergency comes a day after troops from neighbouring Gulf States … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia troops enter Bahrain

More than 1000 Saudi troops have entered Bahrain following growing protests against the government and its ruling family. A convoy of over 150 armoured personnel carriers and other vehicles moved across the border to take up positions guarding key installations and buildings. The United Arab … [Read more...]

Libya leader Gaddafi claims “all my people love me”

Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has claimed that "all my people love me" and still continues to deny there are protests going on in Tripoli. In the interview with the BBC, Gaddafi says he felt "betrayed by the world leaders who had urged him to quit." His people he said "would die to … [Read more...]

Serepisos sells half of Wellington Phoenix

Wellington Phoenix owner Terry Serepisos is set to sell a fifty percent stake in the club to Ahsan Ali Sayed, a wealthy Indian businessman based in Bahrain. Ahsan Ali Sayed is the owner of Spanish La Liga side Racing Santander. The deal is set to make the Phoenix debt free and enable Serepisos to … [Read more...]

Bahrain F1 Grand Prix Cancelled

The Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix has been cancelled by organisers because of the civil unrest in the Gulf state. The race was due to take place on 13 March in Sakhir and F1 supremo Bernie Eccelstone had said hours ago that he was leaving it up to local organisers to advise him if it was safe to … [Read more...]

Red Bulls Mark Webber doubts Bahrain F1 should go ahead

Red Bull's Mark Webber said that he doubts the season opening Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain should go ahead on 13 March. Speaking about the continuing unrest, Webber said "It's probably not the best time to go there for a sporting event. They have bigger things, bigger priorities. When you hear … [Read more...]

Protesters massacred in Libya as Gaddafi loses grip on power

Witnesses are claiming that Libyan security forces and other gunmen have opened fire on protesters in Benghazi and Tripoli with the death toll now in the hundreds. Human Rights Watch says conservativley that at least 104 people have been killed in Libya since anti-government protests erupted on … [Read more...]

Bahrain protest numbers increasing

Thousands of protesters are occupying Pearl Square at the centre of the Bahrain capital of Manama. There have been three days of anti-government rallies with a core of protesters camped overnight and their numbers swelling during the day. After initial clashes with security forces that left … [Read more...]