June 16, 2019

Obama v Romney Debate

The US Presidential election - Romney v Obama. A choice between Barack Obama - a guy that said all the right things but didn't always put the words into action. Or Mitt Romney. Yes America forgets very quickly what having a right winger in the White House means for the average citizen. Out here … [Read more...]

Taliban win Wally’s of the week award

Yes that is right folks, the Taliban have scooped the major prize at the international wally of the week awards by claiming that Malala Yousufza the 14 year-old school girl they tried to execute deserved to die. Her crimes were numerous. We have already heard about her campaign for girls to be … [Read more...]

BP Gulf Oil Spill – cost cutting to blame

The US Presidential panel appointed by Barack Obama to investigate the Gulf oil spill has issued a scathing report. The 48 page summary pinpoints a series of decisions made to cut costs and save time as the major factors that contributed to last years damaging BP oil spill which killed 11 … [Read more...]

Americans who think Obama is a Muslim are on the rise

The number of Americans who think US President Barack Obama is a Muslim are on the rise according to a research poll. The Pew Research poll shows that 18% of Americans now believe that President Obama is a Muslim. This is up from 11% a little over a year ago. The polling was done just before … [Read more...]

Obama confirms US troop withdrawl from Iraq

US President Barack Obama has confirmed the end of all combat operations in Iraq by 31 August. I hope they have told the militants because it would be a bit embarrassing if the US forces stopped fighting but the insurgents kept going. Of the 65,000 US troops currently stationed in Iraq, 50,000 … [Read more...]