May 22, 2019

Tibetan monk sets himself on fire in China protest

A Tibetan monk has burned himself to death in front of the government buildings in China's Sichuan province, in an anti-Beijing protest. Activists have identified the monk as Tsewang Norbu and say he had shouted slogans including "long live the Dalai Lama" before setting himself alight. The … [Read more...]

New Chinese motorway collapses two days after opening

A section of the new 57-mile-long Xinsan motorway, through the Yunnan Mountains in China has collapsed only two days after opening. Two people were killed and two more injured when the road was opened for trials and heavy storms caused a landslide underneath it, washing a section into the valley … [Read more...]

Teen killed after escalator reverses direction

A teenage boy has been killed and 28 people injured when an escalator at Beijing Zoo subway station suddenly changed direction, throwing passengers to the bottom in seconds. The accident has happened on one of Beijing's newest train lines fueling fears that the massive and quickly built public … [Read more...]

New China bullet trains get their speed clipped

The Railway Ministry in China has lowered the top operating speed for its new flagship Beijing-to-Shanghai bullet train, which is scheduled to begin service this month. The new line was advertised to run at a top speed of 380kph and was touted in China as a sign of its emergece as a global … [Read more...]

Australia to open ports to China’s navy

Chinese warships will be visiting Australian ports before the end of this year after talks betwen Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Chinese President Hu Jintao. The agreement came from Julia Gillard's inaugural visit to Beijing as prime minister and has helped to diffuse two years of tension … [Read more...]

Police crackdown in China prevents Easter church service

Police in China have blocked over 500 worshippers from attending a Christian service for Easter at one of China's largest "house" churches in Beijing. More than 50 people have been placed under house arrest, in what is the biggest crackdown in Christian worship in 20 years. Hundreds of … [Read more...]

World’s largest spider fossil found in China

Scientists affiliated to the Capital Normal University in Beijing have revealed a Chinese spider they say is the biggest fossilised arachnid yet found. The spider was found encased in volcanic ash at the bottom of what would have been a lake, in the Chinese autonimous region of Inner Mongolia. … [Read more...]

China warns of strong counter measures against Japan

China has warned that it will take "strong counter measures" against Japan if a Chinese fishing captain held since last week is not released. The captain was arrested earlier this month off the disputed Diaoyu Islands, in the East China Sea, after his vessel crashed into two Japanese patrol … [Read more...]

Make your dog look like a panda – Pet dyeing craze takes off in China

Dog dyeing makeovers are the latest pet craze in China and Japan. A dog named Kung Fu, has become a celebrity pet in Beijing after he got a dye job that makes him look like a panda bear. His owners, husband and wife Li Changxian and Yang Kun, say they love pandas so much they decided to give … [Read more...]

Massive traffic jam in China – 9 days of looking at the guy in front

The motorway (National Expressway 110) between the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Chinese capital of Beijing has been clogged by a traffic jam that started on August 14 and stretched for more than 100 km (62 miles) forcing drivers to start a new life for themselves on the … [Read more...]