August 26, 2019

Man arrested for Madeleine Pulver necklace bomb hoax

The FBI have arrested a man in Louisville, Kentucky over the Madeleine Pulver necklace bomb hoax. The 50-year-old Australian man identified as Paul "Doug" Peters was was arrested without incident. Mr Peters, who flew between Australia and the United States for work and has family in both … [Read more...]

Aussie teen freed after 10 hour bomb necklace drama

Australian police have freed a young woman in Sydney after a 10 hour effort to deal with a suspected bomb around her neck that was strapped to her body. Madeleine Pulver, 18, called police from her home in Mosman - a wealthy Sydney suburb - at 14:30. She says she had been studying for her exams … [Read more...]

Anders Behring Breivik claims he is part of a network

Norway gunman and bomber Anders Behring Breivik claimed in an Oslo court appearance today that he has an active network of accomplices. He did not however get his chance to preach from the stand as a judge cut him short once he had got a plea from him. Behring Breivik has now been remanded in … [Read more...]

Norway bomb and gunman terror attack kills dozens

A Norwegian man has set off a bomb in central Oslo this afternoon and gone on a shooting spree at a youth camp in a terror attack that has seen dozens killed and shocked the world. A bomb ripped open buildings in the heart of Norway's government in Oslo killing at least seven people. A square … [Read more...]

Yemen Bomb flown on passenger plane

A bomb sent from Yemen capital Sanaa and seized in Dubai was transported on Qatar Airways passenger flights. It went on an Airbus A320 flight to Doha. Then swapped to another flight to Dubai. The bomb stuffed in a printer toner catridge was addressed to a Jewish synagogue in the US city of … [Read more...]