September 17, 2019

Restaurant blast in Rio de Janeiro kills three people

A suspected gas explosion at a restaurant in central Rio de Janeiro has left three people dead and at least 13 injured, Brazilian officials say. The powerful blast early in the morning caused widespread damage to the restaurant, located in a multi-storey building on Tiradentes Square. Those … [Read more...]

Machester City turn down £35m bid for Carlos Tevez

English Premier League club Manchester City have rejected a £35m bid from Brazilian side Corinthians for star striker Carlos Tevez. Tevez, 27, played for Corinthians between 2004-2006 and they are keen to have him back ever since he made it known that he wanted to leave Manchester City for family … [Read more...]

The World’s oldest person dies

Maria Gomes Valentim, a Brazilian woman listed by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest person has died, just just days away from her 115th birthday. Maria died of multiple organ failure, said Helerson (cool name that)Lima, a spokesman for the nursing home where she lived. Valentim would … [Read more...]

Brazil government approves giant Amazon dam

The Brazil Environment Agency, Ibama, has supported the construction of the Belo Monte dam on the Xingu River in the Amazon. The planned hydro-electric, 11,000-megawatt dam will be the third largest in the world - after the Three Gorges in China and Itaipu, which is jointly run by Brazil and … [Read more...]

75 bodies recovered from Air France wreckage

Brazil's state news agency says seventy-five bodies have been recovered from wreckage of Air France flight 447 that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean two years ago. Agencia Brasil reported that Nelson Faria Marinho, the president of the Brazilian victims' association, was notified of the recovery … [Read more...]

Brazil bans sex education films

Brazil President Dilma Rousseff has suspended the distribution and production of new sex education films for schools across Brazil. A government spokesman said President Rousseff had viewed the material personally and decided to suspend its distribution. "She didn't like what she saw," … [Read more...]

US lottery winner kills Aussie over rent money

Freddie Young, a lottery winner from Detroit is looking at life in prison for killing Australian property developer Greg McNicol over a few hundred dollars in rent. Young won a $1.8 million share of a $US93 million jackpot in the US Mega Millions lottery on 4th February. He was part of a … [Read more...]

Man United brush aside Schalke 04 to set up dream final

Manchester United brushed aside the challenge of Bundesliga side Schalke 04 with a 4-1 (6-1 aggregate) victory in their Champions League semi-final at Old Trafford. Schalke already two goals behind from their home leg, had to attack to have any hope. Sir Alex Ferguson's side with eight changes … [Read more...]

Air France Flight 447 cockpit voice recorder found

Searchers have found the cockpit voice recorder from Air France flight 447 that crashed in off the coast of Brazil in 2009, killing all 228 people on board. The discovery of the voice recorder comes only a day after the recovery of the flight data recorder. Air France chief executive … [Read more...]

Air France flight 447 black box flight recorder found

Searchers have retrieved one of the two black box flight recorders from the ocean floor, belonging to Air France flight 447 that crashed into the Atlantic in 2009, off the coast of Brazil. Last week the outer casing of the flight recorder was found, but not its memory pods. France's Bureau of … [Read more...]

Landslides and floods in Brazil leave 12 dead

Landslides and floods have forced the southern Brazil state of Rio Grande do Sul to declare a state of emergency in seven cities over the weekend. A dozen peopleare confirmed dead with hundreds homeless. Authorities say more than 40,000 people are directly affected by the torrential rain. … [Read more...]

Brazil airports will “not be ready” for 2014 World Cup

Most of Brazil's airports being upgraded for the Football World Cup in 2014 will not be ready in time according to a new progress report. There are 13 terminals being upgraded. 10 of them are unlikely to be completed by June 2014, says the government-backed Institute for Applied Economic Research … [Read more...]

Man kills 12 in Rio school shooting in Brazil

A 23 year old former pupil has opened fire at a school in Rio de Janeiro killing 11 people and dying himself. At least another 10 people are injured. It is unclear at this stage if the gunman has taken his own life or been shot by police. The Escola Municipal Tasso da Silveira school is for … [Read more...]

Sabre-tooth vegetarian animal discovered

Scientists in Brazil have discovered the remains of a sabre-toothed vegetarian animal that lived around 260 million years ago. The leaf-crunching creature, about the size of a large dog, lived in what is now Brazil. Its upper canine teeth were nearly 12.7 centimetres long. This is not standard … [Read more...]

US Tourists drown at Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Two US tourists were killed and five people were injured when a small boat overturned while passing under a waterfall at the spectacular Iguazu Falls. Argentinian officials say seven tourists from the US, Germany and Colombia were sightseeing at Iguazu Falls in northern Argentina with a crew of … [Read more...]