August 26, 2019

Justin Trudeau rules out running for Liberal leadership

Justin Trudeau has decided against running for leadership of the federal Liberal party for the time being. The eldest son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau broke the news Wednesday during an appearance organized by a Waterloo, Ontario, Young Liberals group, according to a report in … [Read more...]

Siberian province says it has “indisputable proof” of Yeti

A Russian region in Siberia says it has "indisputable proof" that its mountains are home to the Yeti. The local administration of the Kemerovo region in the south of Siberia said in a statement on its website that footprints and possibly even hair samples belonging to the yeti were found on the … [Read more...]

BlackBerry admits massive outage in Europe and Africa

The maker of the BlackBerry smartphone said that email services had been restored to users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, but some might still have messaging and browsing problems. Canada-based Research in Motion earlier confirmed widespread service outages for its users this those areas, … [Read more...]

Harper government attacked over ‘Buy American’ rules

Opposition parties in Canada are attacking the federal government over the possibility Canadian companies could be shut out of contracts related to a new round of U.S. stimulus spendings. Last week, U.S. President Barack Obama outlined nearly $450 billion worth of proposals to stimulate his … [Read more...]

US border deal might erode personal privacy in Canada

The anticipated trade and security agreement with the United States carries no guarantee of a reduction of red tape at the border for Canadian business and is more likely to violate national privacy laws, a new report suggests. In a report released Wednesday, the Rideau Institute offers a … [Read more...]

Top Russian ice hockey team wiped out in air crash

A chartered jet carrying Russia's major league ice hockey team Lokomotiv has crashed on take-off near the central city of Yaroslavl, killing 43 people. The team was heading to Belarus for the first match of the new season. Two people have survived the crash but with serious injuries. Russian … [Read more...]

Earthquake hits US East Coast

A strong 5.9 magnitude earthquake has struck the East Coast of the United States of America and Canada, shaking buildings and forcing evacuation of office buildings. Buildings in Boston were evacuated, and the earthquake has been felt as far away as Toronto. Traffic lights were knocked out … [Read more...]

Jack Layton loses battle with cancer

Canadian opposition leader Jack Layton has died aged 61, after secondary cancer appeared last month following an earlier bout of prostate cancer. Layton passed away at his home in Toronto early on Monday surrounded by his wife and children, his family said in a statement. His New Democratic … [Read more...]

Honda to open massive car factory in Mexico

Japanese car maker Honda is planning to build a massive factory in Mexico to manufacture small cars for the North American market. The Mexican plant in Guanajuato State, will cost $800m to build, and will employ around 3,200 workers producing up to 200,000 cars a year. Honda also says it is … [Read more...]

Japanese student dies after Niagara Falls plunge

A Japanese international student studying in Toronto is presumed dead after she slipped and fell from rocks on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls on Sunday night. Canadian police say the woman, in her 20s, climbed onto a pillar overlooking the Canadian side of the falls about and slipped … [Read more...]

Montreal resident injured by concrete falling from overpass

A Montreal resident has been injured by concrete falling from a city overpass and hitting their vehicle. The 10cm piece of concrete fell from an overpass in the city's east end, on Papineau Avenue near Rosemont Boulevard. A vehicle was passing beneath the overpass when the concrete smashed … [Read more...]

Canada’s Opposition leader Jack Layton steps down

Canada's parliamentary opposition leader Jack Layton is stepping down temporarily to focus on his battle against cancer. The 61-year-old politician was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009 but announced on Monday that he had another cancer elsewhere in his body. Mr Layton said that he was … [Read more...]

Thousands welcome Prince William and Catherine to Canada

Prince William and Catherine Middleton have arrived in Canada for their first official trip abroad. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed straight to the National War Memorial after landing in Canadian military plane at Ottawa's international airport. They met Prime Minister Stephen … [Read more...]

‘Indesructible’ botnet infects million’s of PC’s

Internet security companies are struggling to contain a viral botnet that has successfully snared 4.5 million PC's around the world. The botnet, known as TDL, targets Windows PCs and is very difficult to detect and shut down. A botnet is a network of home computers that have been infected by a … [Read more...]

Newsweek Princess Diana cover story causes outrage

Newsweek magazine in the United States has caused outrage in some circles by publishing a cover photo imagining Princess Diana at 50 and writing a fictional account of her life if she had not died in a Paris car crash in 1997. Newsweek editor-in-chief Tina Brown has written a story that … [Read more...]