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December 10, 2016

Top secret Obama visit plan found in Canberra street

125 pages for a two day visit? What happens when Barack wants to go on a road trip?

A secret manual describing Barack Obama's Australian visit schedule down to the minute, as well as the breakdown of his security convoy and the mobile numbers of dozens of senior US and Australian officials, has been found by the Sydney Morning Herald lying on a Canberra street yesterday morning. … [Read more...]

Aussie flights cancelled as Chile volcano ash cloud strikes again

To air travellers in Australia and New Zealand with love from Chile. Your travel plans are ash to ashes.

Air travel in Australia has been disrupted as a second cloud of volcanic ash from the Chile Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano chain drifts into Australian airspace. In Sydney, all domestic Qantas and Jetstar flights to and from the city from 3pm today have been suspended. All Virgin flights from 4pm … [Read more...]

Abbott shows “regret” over Gillard abuse posters

The product of a protester with time on their hands.

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has expressed regret for speaking at an anti-carbon tax rally in Canberra that featured abusive language and placards about Prime Minister Julia Gillard. After his tacit endorsement of the protesters message, upon reflection Abbott said "I think a few people … [Read more...]

Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd split over no-fly zone

Julia Gillard addresses US Congress

Austrlia Prime Minister Julia Gillard has split with her Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd over calls for a no-fly zone in Libya to assist anti-Gaddafi rebels there. Kevin Rudd has been in Middle East for the last week trying to drum up support for a no-fly zone. Julia Gillard has now come out and said … [Read more...]

ACT Brumbies coach Andy Friend sacked

Tony Rea (right) poses with Brumbies coach Andy Friend. Yeah good one Tony, the smiling assassin. Better keep an eye on Steve mate.

The ACT Brumbies have sacked coach Andy Friend after only two matches of the Super Rugby season. The Canberra Times isreporting that Friend has been told that he no longer enjoys the clubs support and defence coach Tony Rea will take over as caretaker coach immediately. There is no word at … [Read more...]

Love struck Aussie public servant in trouble over search for ‘Olivia’

If you are called Olivia and you live in Canberra, this man may be looking for you. If you are not interested keep a low profile because he has enlisted every public servant in town to help track you down. Love or Obsession? You be the judge.

Steve Tucker a love-struck Canberra public servant has landed himself in trouble looking for a girl called Olivia he met at a party. Tucker met Olivia but lost contact with her on the night and ever since has been yearning to meet her again. He sent out an email to 1000 colleagues in the … [Read more...]

Joel Monaghan quits Raiders and NRL

run as fast as you can Joel Monaghan. Unfortunately with the internet it doesn't matter where you end up they will know. Our deepest sympathy. Wouldn't it be great if everyone who made fun of you had their dumbest act published on the internet. Whose laughing now then?

Joel Monaghan has quit the Canberra Raiders and the NRL, following the publishing online of a photo of him faking a sex act with a team mates dog. Monaghan is to announce his decision today in the company of Raiders chief executive Don Furner and chairman John McIntrye. The Canberra board was … [Read more...]