September 17, 2019

China clamps down on social media blogs

Authorities in China are ramping up restrictions on internet use after official reports revealed that three people have been "punished for spreading false rumours" online. Authorities say they are carrying out inquiries into other suspected cases. The news comes just over a week after … [Read more...]

UN says 2900 people killed in Syrian protests

The United Nations human rights office says the death toll in Syria since the pro-democracy demonstrations began in March is at more than 2,900 people. This is up 200 on their previous estimate. On Tuesday, the UN Security Council failed to agree a resolution on taking action against … [Read more...]

Mitsubishi hit by cyber attack

Japan's largest weapons maker, Mitsubishi has confirmed it has been hit by a cyber attack attempting to get data on missiles, submarines and nuclear power plants. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) said viruses were found on more than 80 of its servers and computers last month, but at this stage … [Read more...]

Mutant bird flu strain hits China and Vietnam

A deadly strain of avian ifluenza is on the march again. The United Nations, World Health Organization says the mutant strain - able to sidestep vaccines - could be spreading in Asia. The variant appeared in Vietnam and China and its risk to humans cannot be predicted, veterinary officials … [Read more...]

Tibetan monk sets himself on fire in China protest

A Tibetan monk has burned himself to death in front of the government buildings in China's Sichuan province, in an anti-Beijing protest. Activists have identified the monk as Tsewang Norbu and say he had shouted slogans including "long live the Dalai Lama" before setting himself alight. The … [Read more...]

Giant Fungus discovered in China

The biggest fruiting body of any fungus yet documented has been discovered growing on the underside of a tree in China. The fruiting body, which is equivalent to the mushrooms produced by other fungi species, is up to 10m long, 80cm wide and weighs half a tonne. It is thought to be at least 20 … [Read more...]

China netizens attack authorities over train crash response

Outrage from ordinary citizens in China is gathering momentum following the indifferent response by authorities in China following the deadly bullet train crash on Saturday. A bullet train was struck from behind by another train near Wenzhou in eastern Zhejiang province, killing at least 38 … [Read more...]

New Chinese motorway collapses two days after opening

A section of the new 57-mile-long Xinsan motorway, through the Yunnan Mountains in China has collapsed only two days after opening. Two people were killed and two more injured when the road was opened for trials and heavy storms caused a landslide underneath it, washing a section into the valley … [Read more...]

China inflation hits three year high

China's inflation rate has hit a three year high in June despite government efforts to dampen it and a cooling economy. Consumer prices rose 6.4 per cent over a year ago, a sharp jump from May's 5.5 percent rate. The main driver was food prices that leapt a whopping 14.4 percent up from 11.7 … [Read more...]

Teen killed after escalator reverses direction

A teenage boy has been killed and 28 people injured when an escalator at Beijing Zoo subway station suddenly changed direction, throwing passengers to the bottom in seconds. The accident has happened on one of Beijing's newest train lines fueling fears that the massive and quickly built public … [Read more...]

Japan finds massive rare earth deposits on ocean floor

Japanese researchers claim to have discovered massive deposits of rare earth minerals, on the Pacific Ocean floor. Rare earth minerals are used in the manufacture of many hi-tech appliances. Currently China produces 97 percent of the world's rare earth metals. The team of geologists led by … [Read more...]

France confirms weapons drops to Libyan rebels

The French military has confirmed that weapons have been air-dropped to rebels fighting Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's troops in Western Libya. Light arms, ammunition, rocket launchers and anti-tank missiles were sent to Berber tribal fighters in the Nafusa mountains in early June. "We began by … [Read more...]

Anthony Weiner resigns from Congress

High profile US politician Anthony Weiner is resigning from Congress, saying he cannot continue in office after the intense publicity over sexually explicit messages he sent online to several women. The 46-year-old Democrat and former New York Mayoral candidate, made the announcement in his home … [Read more...]

New China bullet trains get their speed clipped

The Railway Ministry in China has lowered the top operating speed for its new flagship Beijing-to-Shanghai bullet train, which is scheduled to begin service this month. The new line was advertised to run at a top speed of 380kph and was touted in China as a sign of its emergece as a global … [Read more...]

Bernanke warns US may “renege on payments”

Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the US Federal Reserve has spoken out about his concerns about the future of the United States international credit rating. He has warned that if the borrowing limit is not raised, then the US might lose its AAA credit rating. Congress has been arguing whether or not … [Read more...]