September 17, 2019

Gay Jesus Billboard ruled ‘not offensive’

A complaint about a church in Auckland, New Zealand displaying a billboard questioning whether Jesus was gay has been dismissed on the grounds it wasn't offensive. The St Matthew-in-the-City billboard featured an image of baby Jesus in a manger with a rainbow coloured halo and the words: "It's … [Read more...]

Police crackdown in China prevents Easter church service

Police in China have blocked over 500 worshippers from attending a Christian service for Easter at one of China's largest "house" churches in Beijing. More than 50 people have been placed under house arrest, in what is the biggest crackdown in Christian worship in 20 years. Hundreds of … [Read more...]

500 die after presidential elections in Nigeria

The Nigerian human rights group - Civil Rights Congress, claims more than 500 people died after the presidential elections in early April. They claim most of the violence was in the northern state of Kaduna, and the casualty count may be higher than their current estimate. Most of northern … [Read more...]

Movie Review – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

The Chronicles of Narnia: The voyage of the Dawn Treader is a pivotal point in the Narnia film series. If it can turn a profit then the remaining films will likely get made. After the box office disappointment with Prince Caspian, Disney got cold feet on the production and 20th Century Fox took … [Read more...]

Americans who think Obama is a Muslim are on the rise

The number of Americans who think US President Barack Obama is a Muslim are on the rise according to a research poll. The Pew Research poll shows that 18% of Americans now believe that President Obama is a Muslim. This is up from 11% a little over a year ago. The polling was done just before … [Read more...]