August 23, 2019

Lap-dancing nun performs for church leaders

For years Anna Nobili worked as a lap dancer in Italian nightclubs. Now the 38 year-old is dancing for Jesus. This week she performed what she calls "The Holy Dance" for senior church leaders in Rome, including Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, head of the Vatican's Cultural Department. In an … [Read more...]

Tiny church finds its bible is a 400 year old original King James Version

The church of St. Lawrence in the little English village of Hilmarton, has discovered that a bible that has been on display for years is actually a 400 year old original verson of the King James Bible. There are only around 200 of the original editions of the Bible in existence and interest has … [Read more...]

NZ stops for two minutes to remember Earthquake victims

New Zealand will come to a stand still today, Tuesday, at 12.51pm, nzt, for two minutes silence to remember the victims of the Christchurch earthquake. It is exactly one week on from the devastating tremor that has so far claimed 154 lives and up to 80 more people still missing in the … [Read more...]

Perception: A Rant About Social Misconception – Part 1

Hey Ladies, Gents and unidentified, quasi-gendered others. Today I’d like to talk about perception, a topic which seems incredibly apparent to me in day to day life. You see, we as people find it very easy to simply place people in a box based on what we see during a first encounter. Yet how … [Read more...]