March 26, 2019

China clamps down on social media blogs

Authorities in China are ramping up restrictions on internet use after official reports revealed that three people have been "punished for spreading false rumours" online. Authorities say they are carrying out inquiries into other suspected cases. The news comes just over a week after … [Read more...]

New Chinese motorway collapses two days after opening

A section of the new 57-mile-long Xinsan motorway, through the Yunnan Mountains in China has collapsed only two days after opening. Two people were killed and two more injured when the road was opened for trials and heavy storms caused a landslide underneath it, washing a section into the valley … [Read more...]

China inflation hits three year high

China's inflation rate has hit a three year high in June despite government efforts to dampen it and a cooling economy. Consumer prices rose 6.4 per cent over a year ago, a sharp jump from May's 5.5 percent rate. The main driver was food prices that leapt a whopping 14.4 percent up from 11.7 … [Read more...]

Greek general strike puts pressure on parliament

As the Greek parliament debates prior to a key vote on new austerity measures, Unions in Greece have staged a 48 hour general strike to protest the European/IMF bailout conditions. Large crowds of protesters are gathering on the streets, with public transport in Athens grinding to a halt. On … [Read more...]

Amazon rainforest destruction in Brazil shows big increase

Data from Brazil's Space Research Institute shows that deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil has increased by almost six times, in a year. New satellite images show deforestation has increased from 103 sq km in March and April 2010 to 593 sq km in the same period of 2011. Most of … [Read more...]

China tightens internet censorship

The government in China has set up a new state body to control information on the internet. The State Internet Information Office will take over responsibility from a number of other government agencies. China Information Minister Wang Chen will be in charge. The office will enable the … [Read more...]

China spends more on war toys

China is set to raise its defence budget by 12.7 percent in 2011. Spending on all manner of war toys will go up to US$92 billion. This is stressing out some of the other former top dogs in the region. China is now the second biggest spender on military stuff in the world. Japan is paticularly … [Read more...]