July 17, 2019

Hugo Chavez says he is cancer free

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said he is free of cancer after returning from Cuba for health checks following four cycles of chemotherapy. He travelled to the island four months ago to have surgery for cancer there. "Everything went perfectly. I got top marks, 20 out of 20," he told … [Read more...]

Cuba to Florida swim attempt stopped by jellyfish

US endurance swimmer Diana Nyad has abandoned her attempt to swim 103 miles from Cuba to Florida, after being stung by a dangerous jellyfish. Doctors warned that another sting from a Portuguese Man-Of-War could be life-threatening so Nyad pulled the plug after covering 49 miles following her … [Read more...]

Cuba Defense Minister dies suddenly

Cuba's defense minister Julio Casas Regueiro has died suddenly last Saturday of a heart attack at the age of 75. The death was announced by Cuba's state news service who broadcast that Casas died at 1:20 p.m. in Havana. Cuba declared Monday a day of national mourning. Casas became head of … [Read more...]

Experts conclude Salvador Allende shot himself

A team of international experts has concluded that Salvador Allende, the former president of Chile, killed himself during the 1973 military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet, rather than be captured. While President Allende's family had always accepted the official version that he had taken … [Read more...]

Stowaway found dead in plane landing gear

The body of a 23 year-old Cuban man has been found in the landing gear compartment of an Iberian Airlines plane at Madrid Airport. Spanish Police say the plane had just completed the nine hour flight from Havana, Cuba to Madrid. No details of the man's identity have been released yet and the … [Read more...]

Hugo Chavez returns to Venezuela and holds mass rally

President Hugo Chavez has returned to Venezuela and addressed a crowd of thousands at a rally in Caracas. He has been receiving medical treatment in Cuba for the last month for cancer after becoming ill on a State visit to Cuba. The crowds cheered as he waved the Venezuelan flag from his … [Read more...]

Hugo Chavez admits he has cancer

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has given a TV address and admitted he has had surgery to remove a cancerous tumour. There has been much speculation about his health since he left Venezuela for Cuba three weeks ago for what officials said was an operation on a pelvic abscess. Mr Chavez said … [Read more...]

Speculation about health of Hugo Chavez

Two weeks after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's underwent an operation in Cuba for what was 'officially' described as a pelvic abscess. On Friday the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said Mr Chavez - who is still in Cuba - was in what he called a "great battle" for his health." … [Read more...]

Cuba looking at allowing overseas travel and tourism

The Cuban government says it is looking at plans to allow its citizens to travel abroad as tourists for the first time in more than 50 years. The proposed move is part of a massive reform package approved by the Communist Party Congress in April, designed to turn around Cuba's flagging … [Read more...]

Jimmy Carter says he is not bringing Alan Gross home from Cuba

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter stamped out speculation that he can secure the release of US contractor Alan Gross during Carter's current trip to Cuba. "We have spoken to some officials about Mr. Gross. But I am not here to take him out of the country," Carter told journalists, speaking in … [Read more...]

David Hicks may have book profits confiscated

Former Guantanamo Bay inmate David Hicks is unlikely to profit from the sales of a book about his experiences, the Australian Attorney-General's Department says. David Hicks was 26 when he was captured by the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance in Afghanistan in late 2001. They believed the 26 year … [Read more...]

Cuba to axe one million jobs to boost economy

Cuba has announced radical plans to lay off up to a million state employees in an attempt to revivie its struggling economy. In an attempt to lift productivity, the Cuban Labour Federation says that several hundred thousand workers will lose their jobs within six months, with more to … [Read more...]