August 26, 2019

Cameron fends of backbench revolt over EU pullout

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has had a rather verbally violent week. Having just returned from an EU summit where he had a massive row with the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, Cameron is now facing a backbench revolt from Conservatives who want a referendum on pulling out of the European … [Read more...]

Colonel Gaddafi killed in Sirte fighting

Libya's former leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has been killed after his convoy tried to fight its way out of his birth city of Sirte. The circumstances of his death are not yet clear. Fighters loyal to the National Transitional Council (NTC) said they found him hiding in a hole, and shot him … [Read more...]

Cameron orders inquiry into Libyan rendition allegations

British Prime Minister David Cameron says that allegations that MI6 was involved in the rendition of Libyan terror suspects should be examined by an independent inquiry. When a regime like the Gaddafi's falls in a hurry it does not allow time for secrets to be disposed of. Hence the discovery of … [Read more...]

David Cameron says police tactics for riots were wrong

British Prime Minister David Cameron says that the police have admitted they got their riot tactics wrong when faced with mass looting in London and other cities in England. David Cameron told MPs the riots in cities across England were "criminality pure and simple", but there were "far too few … [Read more...]

Cameron promises phone hack inquiry

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to set up a public inquiry into phone hacking at the News of the World. He said claims that the voicemail of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler had been hacked, with some messages deleted, were "disgusting". Whle we are on the 'D' word theme, News … [Read more...]

Elisabeth Murdoch pays $194,000 for a cardboard box

Elisabeth Murdoch, the daughter of Rupert Murdoch has won a charity auction for a cardboard medical box that was supposed to be signed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Elisabeth made her winning bid at a charity dinner in London last week hosted by ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) which was … [Read more...]

UK Unions angry with Hutton pensions review

Unions in the United Kingdom are angry over a report overhauling public sector pensions that will see millions of workers, working longer. Lord Hutton's independent review has proposes that nurses, teachers and most other public sector staff work to at least 65 for lower pensions. The report … [Read more...]

George Osborne says 20 percent VAT rise “permanent”

UK Chancellor George Osborne has indicated that the rise in VAT to 20 per cent brought in yesterday will be "permanent" (unlike his political career). An unrepentant Mr Osborne made it clear he would prefer to lower income tax or National Insurance contributions before he brings VAT back down … [Read more...]

Mount Merapi cuts Obama Indonesia trip short

US President Barack Obama is cutting short his visit to Indonesia because of fears that volcanic ash from Mount Merapi might disrupt air travel. Specifically Air Force One air travel. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs earlier told reporters that officials were closely monitoring the ash cloud. … [Read more...]

Yemen Bomb flown on passenger plane

A bomb sent from Yemen capital Sanaa and seized in Dubai was transported on Qatar Airways passenger flights. It went on an Airbus A320 flight to Doha. Then swapped to another flight to Dubai. The bomb stuffed in a printer toner catridge was addressed to a Jewish synagogue in the US city of … [Read more...]

Kidnapped British aid workers death might be ‘friendly fire’

Linda Norgrove the British aid worker killed last week following an abortive rescue attempt by US forces may have been killed by friendly fire. The US commander in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, has ordered an investigation into the death of Norgrove who was kidnapped two weeks ago in the … [Read more...]