September 26, 2018

MV Rena crew evacuated after mayday call

The crew of the stricken ship MV Rena have been evacuated by helicopter following a mayday call, as 3m swells pound the Tauranga coast where the 47,000 tonne cargo ship has been aground on the Astrolobe Reef since last Wednesday. As much as 350 tonnes of oil had escaped the ship this morning … [Read more...]

Canada’s Northern Quebec being opened up to mining

The government of Quebec has unveiled a plan to develop the largely untouched and wild north of the province. The so called "Plan Nord" aims to take 1.2 million sq km of land and get stuck into forestry, renewable energy and mining - lots of mining. The plan is trumpeting itself as green … [Read more...]

NZ Government energy strategy wants to exploit fossil fuel reserves

A New Zealand Government Strategy paper says that tapping oil, gas and coal reserves is their top priority. The paper called, Developing Our Energy Potential, wants exploring ''petroleum and mineral fuel'' reserves put ahead of investing in renewable power sources and new power generation … [Read more...]

Gillard and Abbott – the new hit Afghan tv soap

My Number two daughter is an avid fan of Aussie tv soap opera Home and Away. There are times when I am writing in the same room when she is watching the painful slow pace of life in Summer Bay unfold. I notice in Summer Bay they still seem to be dealing with the same issues that I used to see on the … [Read more...] changes to free advertising

Newswarped has changed its advertising policy to better reflect the values it holds. A recent run-in with google about advertising gave me time to reflect on what we wanted to see in our advertising. Google adsense is convenient but I found that while the adverts displayed broadly had some … [Read more...]