September 17, 2019

Mid-air plane crash in Alaska leaves 4 dead

Two single-engine float planes have collided as they flew near an Alaskan lake. One of them crashed and burned, killing the four people aboard, while the second plane landed safely despite suffering significant damage. A Cessna 180, was destroyed by the impact and fire, Federal Aviation … [Read more...]

United Airlines flight forced to turn back after passenger brawl

A United Airlines flight from Washington to Ghana turned back and made an emergency landing, after a fight broke out on board over a reclined seat. Two F-16 fighter jets were scrambled to escort the Boeing 767 with 144 people onboard back to Washington-Dulles International Airport. Federal … [Read more...]

US air traffic control chief resigns

Hank Krakowski, the chief of the US air traffic control agency has resigned after a string of incidents where air traffic controllers have been asleep on duty. Randy Babbitt, chief of the Federal Aviation Administration, said he had accepted Hank Krakowski's resignation. On Thursday, Mr … [Read more...]