September 17, 2019

Obama v Romney Debate

The US Presidential election - Romney v Obama. A choice between Barack Obama - a guy that said all the right things but didn't always put the words into action. Or Mitt Romney. Yes America forgets very quickly what having a right winger in the White House means for the average citizen. Out here … [Read more...]

Cuba to Florida swim attempt stopped by jellyfish

US endurance swimmer Diana Nyad has abandoned her attempt to swim 103 miles from Cuba to Florida, after being stung by a dangerous jellyfish. Doctors warned that another sting from a Portuguese Man-Of-War could be life-threatening so Nyad pulled the plug after covering 49 miles following her … [Read more...]

Hurricane Irene hits New York

After 14 deaths in North Carolina, Virginia and Florida a weakened Hurricane Irene last night hit New York. It is the first hurricane to hit the New York for decades and despite winds dropping to around 100kph it also packed lightning, tornados and torrential rainfall. This morning New York … [Read more...]

Hurricane Irene heading towards the US

Hurricane Irene is gathering strength as it moves through the Caribbean and scientist think it may be the first major hurricane in three years to hit the United States of America. Currently Irene has sustained winds of around 160kmh and was centred about 85km northeast of Puerto Plata in the … [Read more...]

Dougherty Gang captured after shootout in Colorado

The three siblings dubbed the 'Dougherty Gang,' wanted for bank robbery and the attempted murder of a police officer have been arrested in Colorado after a nationwide manhunt. State police said the two brothers and sister, were captured after a 100mph car chase that ended with a crash and … [Read more...]

Teen kills parents then throws a party

A Florida teenager is accused of bashing his parents to death with a hammer. He then threw a party for 60 of his friends he had invited on Facebook. Tyler Hadley, 17, had already sent out invites on his Facebook account by the time he got to 'kill my parents' on his 'to-do' list. At his home … [Read more...]

Casey Anthony found not guilty of murdering daughter

A Florida jury has found Orlando woman Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008. Prosecutors said the 25 year-old single mother suffocated Caylee in 2008 because she kept her back from a life of partying. Anthony changed her story twice, first saying that … [Read more...]

Florida wildfire kills two forest rangers

Over 400 wildfires continue to blaze across Florida and one near the border with Georgia has claimed the lives of two forest rangers. The rangers - Josh Burch, 31, and Brett Fulton, 52 - had been trying contain a 12-acre blaze when the fire flared up and trapped them. Two others were injured … [Read more...]

Jellyfish swarm stings 800 swimmers in Florida

More than 800 people have been stung by a swarm of jellyfish that invaded central Florida beaches over the holiday Memorial Day weekend. THe purple stunging jellyfish did their 'D-Day' invasion on Atlantic coast beaches from Cocoa Beach to Cape Canaveral. Brevard County Assistant Chief Eisen … [Read more...]

NASA announces final resting places for space shuttles

NASA has announced today where the four remaining space shuttles are going to be 'retired' too. Discovery and the shuttle programme's test vehicle Enterprise have been decommissioned. Endeavour blasts off on its 24th and final mission on 29th April. Atlantis is the last cab off the rank on 28th June … [Read more...]

Massive Eagle Ray pins lady in charter boat

An eagle ray weighing up to 300 pounds landed on top of a woman on a charter boat in the Florida Keys last week. The woman, Jenny Hausch, had been taking photos at the front of the boat of rays jumping out of the water. She ended up pinned underneath one that came crashing into the open … [Read more...]

92 year old lady shoots at neighbour for refusing kiss

A 92-year-old Florida woman has been arrested by US police for firing shots at a neighbour who refused to kiss her. It seems love and obsession are not only the domain of the young. Helen Staudinger became obsessed with 53 year old neighbour Dwight Bettner. In the past she is alleged to have … [Read more...]

BP Gulf Oil Spill – cost cutting to blame

The US Presidential panel appointed by Barack Obama to investigate the Gulf oil spill has issued a scathing report. The 48 page summary pinpoints a series of decisions made to cut costs and save time as the major factors that contributed to last years damaging BP oil spill which killed 11 … [Read more...]

Drunk passenger drops cruise ship anchor

A Holland America cruise ship was disrupted early Saturday morning by a drunk passenger who released the ship's anchor as it sailed from Costa Maya, Mexico, to Tampa, Florida. CNN reports that California resident Rick Ehlert, 44, a passenger on the MS Ryndam, released the anchor and a life buoy … [Read more...]

Hurricane Earl – Evacuations possible on U.S Atlantic Coast

Hurricane Earl is set to bring storm surge flooding and high winds to the U.S. Atlantic Coast by the weekend and evacuations may be neccessary. The huge weather system is currently classed as a category 4 hurricane and is hitting the southern Bahamas. Earl's maximum sustained winds are at 135 mph … [Read more...]