September 17, 2019

Gay Jesus Billboard ruled ‘not offensive’

A complaint about a church in Auckland, New Zealand displaying a billboard questioning whether Jesus was gay has been dismissed on the grounds it wasn't offensive. The St Matthew-in-the-City billboard featured an image of baby Jesus in a manger with a rainbow coloured halo and the words: "It's … [Read more...]

Brazil bans sex education films

Brazil President Dilma Rousseff has suspended the distribution and production of new sex education films for schools across Brazil. A government spokesman said President Rousseff had viewed the material personally and decided to suspend its distribution. "She didn't like what she saw," … [Read more...]

13 year old raped to ‘cure’ lesbianism

A 13-year-old girl from Pretoria has become the latest victim of ''corrective rape'' as the trend of violent attacks on lesbians in South Africa shows no signs of letting up. The latest victim was said to have been open about her sexuality and was raped on Thursday in Pretoria, presumably as an … [Read more...]

Chris Carter cancels holiday and blames media

Former Labour Party MP Chris Carter has cancelled his summer holiday in Sri Lanka and is blaming the media for ruining his taxpayer-subsidised trip. Mr Carter and his partner, Peter Kaiser, were to leave on December 29 flying business class to Colombo, via Singapore, at a cost of NZ$13,902 – 75 … [Read more...]