September 23, 2019

Cameron fends of backbench revolt over EU pullout

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has had a rather verbally violent week. Having just returned from an EU summit where he had a massive row with the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, Cameron is now facing a backbench revolt from Conservatives who want a referendum on pulling out of the European … [Read more...]

Heidi the cross-eyed possum dies

Heidi the famous cross-eyed opossum has died in the German zoo where she lived, aged three-and-a-half. She had become very ill, and was rather old for a possum, so got put to sleep by vets at the Leipzig Zoo. Heidi became a global megastar when photos of her appeared in a German newspaper. … [Read more...]

Top Russian ice hockey team wiped out in air crash

A chartered jet carrying Russia's major league ice hockey team Lokomotiv has crashed on take-off near the central city of Yaroslavl, killing 43 people. The team was heading to Belarus for the first match of the new season. Two people have survived the crash but with serious injuries. Russian … [Read more...]

Boy calls police to complain about having to do housework

An 11 year-old in Germany has called the German police emergency line to complain about "forced labour" after his mother told him to help clean their house. Police say the boy the boy was from Aachen, and spoke to an officer saying "I have to work all day long. I haven't any free time." His … [Read more...]

EU leaders agree second Greece bailout package

European leaders have reached agreement on a second bailout package for Greece. They have also expanded their rescue funds to help shore up any other debt crises in the eurozone. European Union president Herman Van Rompuy said the rescue deal would be financed by both the EU and the International … [Read more...]

USA win through to Womens Football World Cup Final

The US women's soccer team has advanced to the Football World Cup final after beating France 3-1 Wednesday in Moenchengladbach, Germany. The French side dominated for much of the match but could not translate the possession inot goals. The scores were locked at 1-1 until late in the game when … [Read more...]

Last heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire dies

Otto von Habsburg the eldest son of Charles I, the last ruler of the Austro-Hungarian empire has died in Germany at the age of 98. Otto von Habsburg was born in 1912, four years before his father ascended the throne. His father was deposed at the end of World War 1 and died in exile of … [Read more...]

European E.coli outbreak linked to Egypt

The deadly E. coli outbreaks in Germany and France may have come from seeds sourced in Egypt, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. A report said there was still "much uncertainty", but fenugreek seeds imported in 2009 and 2010 "had been implicated in both … [Read more...]

‘Indesructible’ botnet infects million’s of PC’s

Internet security companies are struggling to contain a viral botnet that has successfully snared 4.5 million PC's around the world. The botnet, known as TDL, targets Windows PCs and is very difficult to detect and shut down. A botnet is a network of home computers that have been infected by a … [Read more...]

Greek general strike puts pressure on parliament

As the Greek parliament debates prior to a key vote on new austerity measures, Unions in Greece have staged a 48 hour general strike to protest the European/IMF bailout conditions. Large crowds of protesters are gathering on the streets, with public transport in Athens grinding to a halt. On … [Read more...]

Deadly E. Coli traced to German bean sprouts

A farm south of Hamburg, Germany has been identified as the most likely source of the deadly E. coli outbreak that has killed 22 people. The farm, produces bean sprouts, and is close to the highest concentration of the more than 2,000 reported E. Coli cases. German officials were awaiting … [Read more...]

Teen flees her own birthday party after Facebook ‘invite’ goes viral

A teenage girl in Hamburg, Germany forgot to mark her birthday invitation as 'private' on Facebook and ended up having to flee her own party when more than 1500 guests showed up. Around 100 police officers, some on horseback were needed to keep the crowd at the 16th birthday party under control. … [Read more...]

E. Coli cases in Germany on the rise

The number of people in Germany infected by a deadly strain of E.Coli has risen sharply. Most of the 1,500 people infected are from Germany with Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK, also affected. The death toll has risen to 17 from the strain of … [Read more...]

Infected cucumbers – 10 dead, hundreds sick

An oubreak of E.coli in Germany caused by infected cucumbers has killed at least 10 people with hundreds falling ill. The cucumbers, imported from Spain, were infected with a severe complication of E.coli called hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS). Most of the E.coli cases so far have been in the … [Read more...]

New Laser technology smashes data transfer record

Researchers in Germany have set a new data transfer record for using a single laser. The 26 terabits per second speed reached means that the entire US Library of Congress collections would take only 10 seconds to transfer with Industrial computers. Researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of … [Read more...]