September 17, 2019

Gay Jesus Billboard ruled ‘not offensive’

A complaint about a church in Auckland, New Zealand displaying a billboard questioning whether Jesus was gay has been dismissed on the grounds it wasn't offensive. The St Matthew-in-the-City billboard featured an image of baby Jesus in a manger with a rainbow coloured halo and the words: "It's … [Read more...]

Lap-dancing nun performs for church leaders

For years Anna Nobili worked as a lap dancer in Italian nightclubs. Now the 38 year-old is dancing for Jesus. This week she performed what she calls "The Holy Dance" for senior church leaders in Rome, including Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, head of the Vatican's Cultural Department. In an … [Read more...]

Vera Svechina breaches Google headquarters security

Vera Svechina, a US based Russian woman has evaded security and walked straight into the inner offices at Google's Silicon Valley headquarters last month. The self-described filmmaker and former stripper left behind a book in Russian and an angry letter for Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry … [Read more...]

Chechen leader promises Russia “year of blood and tears”

Doku Umarov (no relation to Count Dooku from Star Wars) has posted a message on a website that vows to deliver "a year of blood and tears" to Russia. He said there were dozens of rebels prepared to carry out attacks. "I won't tell you there are hundreds of us prepared for jihad. But 50 or 60, God … [Read more...]