September 23, 2019

BlackBerry admits massive outage in Europe and Africa

The maker of the BlackBerry smartphone said that email services had been restored to users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, but some might still have messaging and browsing problems. Canada-based Research in Motion earlier confirmed widespread service outages for its users this those areas, … [Read more...]

Google+ social network opened up for everyone

Google+ is being opened up for anyone to join after two-and-a-half months of closed testing that saw its membership grow to around 25 million. To start with Googles attempt to get a slice of the social networking market dominated by Facebook and Twitter was only offered to journalists and people … [Read more...]

Facebook integrates Skype and cements strong Microsoft link

Facebook will integrate Skype video chat into its social networking service, in a deal that draws it closer to Microsoft and raises Skype to another level. The agreement was announced by Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg at the company's Palo Alto, California headquarters … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs launches Apple iCloud

Apple has shown the new Apple iCloud service at its annual developers' conference. Apple boss Steve Jobs took a break from medical leave to show the features of the new web-based service. He explained that iCloud was a necessary step because the personal computer was no longer the digital … [Read more...]

China hackers access Google e-mail accounts

Google has announced that a hacking attack originating in China has successfully compromised personal e-mail accounts of hundreds of top US officials, military personnel and journalists. Google says the hacking a campaign to obtain passwords originated in Jinan, China and was aimed at monitoring … [Read more...]

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee defends the role of mistresses

According to Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, mistresses are the real victims when it comes to extra marital affairs. McGee is famous for being the 'other woman' in the break-up of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. Michelle McGee is in Australia as the star attraction at the Perth sexuality and … [Read more...]

Vera Svechina breaches Google headquarters security

Vera Svechina, a US based Russian woman has evaded security and walked straight into the inner offices at Google's Silicon Valley headquarters last month. The self-described filmmaker and former stripper left behind a book in Russian and an angry letter for Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry … [Read more...]

Huge Cairo protest rejects Mubarak plans

Hundreds of thousands of protesting Egyptians have filled Cairo's Tahrir Square for a mass rally to reject President Mubaraks plan for a gradual handover of power. They are calling for Mubarak and his government to step down immediately. Foreign observers are calling this the biggest protest yet … [Read more...]

Microsoft security flaw affects 900 million users

Microsoft has issued a "critical" warning over a newly-discovered flaw in Windows. The software giant has issued a security advisory warning of a loophole that could be used by malicious hackers to steal private information or hijack computers. Newswarped would like to point out that we know what … [Read more...]

Mubarak shuffles cabinet

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has announced a new cabinet after a week of protests. With thousands still gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Mubarak seemed to be hoping that it will all go away. He sent some tanks on a day trip to Cairo and got some planes and helicopters to buzz the … [Read more...]

Apple axes Assange and WikiLeaks

Apple Inc has joined the bandwagon of US companies that are sucking up to the US government and severing ties with WikiLeaks. Apple has removed an application from its online store that gave users access to the WikiLeaks website's content. Google has not buckled yet though and still … [Read more...]

Anna Chapman visits Medvedev’s science park

Russian spy Anna Chapman visited President Medvedev's showcase science park on Tuesday, the same day Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales was on site. But no one was taking photos of Jimmy. The science park project - Russia's answer to Silicon Valley was also visited by California Governor Arnold … [Read more...]

EU opens up anti-trust investigation on Google

The European Commission has launched an investigation into Google after other search engines complained that the internet giant had abused its dominant position. The EC will examine whether the world's largest search engine penalised competing services in its results. The investigation … [Read more...]

Internet Explorer usage drops below 50 percent

Microsoft's once dominant Internet Explorer (IE) browser has fallen below 50% of the worldwide market for the first time according to StatCounter. The company's research arm, StatCounter Global Stats finds that Microsoft IE fell to 49.87% in September followed by Firefox with 31.5%. Google's … [Read more...] changes to free advertising

Newswarped has changed its advertising policy to better reflect the values it holds. A recent run-in with google about advertising gave me time to reflect on what we wanted to see in our advertising. Google adsense is convenient but I found that while the adverts displayed broadly had some … [Read more...]