June 24, 2019

Vladimir Putin tries nice guy image – only for a limited time

With only a few weeks before Sochi Olympics, Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing at being a nice guy. But before we get all excited - terms and conditions apply. Uncle Vladimir has released the rioting pussies from their prison a whole two months early from their two year sentence. Mikhail … [Read more...]

NZ fisherman lands 305kg Blue Fin Tuna

A fisherman from New Zealand has landed a monster bluefin tuna worth up to $80,000 Japan while fishing off a charter boat off the West Coast of the South Island. Jeremy Walker from Te Awamutu landed the 305.8kg fish at 2.00am on Sunday morning with the help of the other four men onboard. "I've … [Read more...]

Second leak found near Shell North Sea oil platform

A second oil leak has been found in the flow line beneath the Gannet Alpha oil platform, 180km off Aberdeen. Shell has been dealing with the release of an estimated 1,300 barrels of oil from a leak near the platform discovered last week. The Department of Energy and Climate Change said it was … [Read more...]

Greenpeace monitoring radiation levels in Japan

Nuclear experts working with Greenpeace have started monitoring radiation near the crippled Fukushima No. 1 atomic power plant in Japan. Greenpeace said it believed Japanese authorities may have been underplaying the severity of the disaster at the quake-tsunami damaged plant. "Since the … [Read more...]

newswarped.com changes to free advertising

Newswarped has changed its advertising policy to better reflect the values it holds. A recent run-in with google about advertising gave me time to reflect on what we wanted to see in our advertising. Google adsense is convenient but I found that while the adverts displayed broadly had some … [Read more...]