September 26, 2018

Baby swap mistake discovered after 12 years

Two Russian families are suing a hospital for five million rubles after they found out their daughters were swapped at birth 12 years ago. The families, who live in the Ural Mountains in western Russia, only found out when one of the fathers refused to pay child support for his daughter Irina … [Read more...]

Woman fakes birth pains to get off speeding ticket

A heavily pregnant woman has faked labour pains to get a driver off a speeding ticket. Police stopped a car after clocking it at more than 146kmh along State Highway 29 west of Tauranga, in the North Island of New Zealand. Officers found a woman passenger with her feet on the dashboard … [Read more...]

“Party Girl” nurse arrested after hospital deaths

British detectives have arrested 26-year-old nurse, Rebecca Leighton on suspicion of murder over the deaths of three hospital patients given insulin-contaminated saline solution. Rebecca Leighton worked at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, where police were alerted last week to a batch of … [Read more...]

Tobacco companies defeat smoking law suit from hospitals

Six major US tobacco companies including Philip Morris USA have defeated a lawsuit by Missouri hospitals seeking compensation for treating patients with smoking-related illnesses. Thirty-seven Missouri hospitals had claimed that cigarette companies delivered an "unreasonably dangerous" … [Read more...]