September 17, 2019

Julia Gillard tumbles in India

Did anyone even know that Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was in India? Well now the whole world knows thanks to a cunning piece of¬†athleticism on camera. It was just another day in India. Honour guard soldier returning home. Mrs Honour Guard soldier: ¬†"did you have a nice day dear"? Mr … [Read more...]

Aishwaryu Rai gives birth to baby girl

Members of India's film industry and fans have been celebrating the birth of a baby girl to Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and husband actor Abhishek Bachchan. The birth was announced on Wednesday morning on Twitter by Abhishek. Father-in-law Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan … [Read more...]

Coke plans to pour $2 billion into India

Coca-Cola has said it will invest $2bn in India over the next five years in a bid to increase its market share in the country. Part of the investment will go towards expanding manufacturing capacity and the distribution network to meet increased demand. The world's largest soft drink company … [Read more...]

Three more Pakistan cricketers named at betting scam trial

The prosecution in the Pakistan cricketers betting scam trial claim that the agent Mazher Majeed, 36, told an undercover reporter he had players he could control in relation to fixing. Former captain Salman Butt, 26, and fast bowler Mohammad Asif, 28, deny conspiracy to accept corrupt payments … [Read more...]

India launches $35 touch screen tablet

India has launched what it says is the world's cheapest touch-screen tablet computer, priced at just $35. Costing a fraction of Apple's iPad, the subsidised Aakash is aimed at students. It supports web browsing and video conferencing, has a three-hour battery life and two USB ports, but there … [Read more...]

WWII Treasure ship found

A shipwreck off the coast of Ireland containing 200 tonnes of silver worth about $250m has been found in the Atlantic making it the largest haul of precious metal ever discovered at sea. US exploration firm Odyssey Marine, found the wreck of the SS Gairsoppa, a British cargo ship, sunk by a … [Read more...]

Bomb blast at Delhi high court leaves 11 dead

A bomb has gone off outside the high court in the Indian capital, Delhi, killing 11 people and injured at least 61. The bomb was apparently placed in a case near the first security checkpoint at the court, where people were queuing for passes, officials said. Investigators said they were … [Read more...]

Express train derails in India – 35 dead, dozens injured

A packed passenger train derailed in northern India while travelling at top speed, killing at least 35 people and leaving up to 100 injured after 15 carriages were thrown off the tracks. Some of the derailed carriages were left stacked on top of each other, as rescue teams worked to free people … [Read more...]

‘Indesructible’ botnet infects million’s of PC’s

Internet security companies are struggling to contain a viral botnet that has successfully snared 4.5 million PC's around the world. The botnet, known as TDL, targets Windows PCs and is very difficult to detect and shut down. A botnet is a network of home computers that have been infected by a … [Read more...]

Snake sanctuary owner killed by snake

Luke Yeomans, the owner of a Nottinghamshire snake sanctuary has died after apparently being bitten by one of his own animals. Yeomans, 47, was due to open the King Cobra Sanctuary, in Eastwood, to the public this weekend. Nottinghamshire police say they were called to a property in Brookhill … [Read more...]

Airbus trounces Boeing at Paris Air Show

Airbus has piled on the orders at the Paris Air Show with Boeing a distant second. Malaysian budget airline AirAsia created the largest single order of commercial aircraft in history when they signed up for 200 Airbus A320neo airliners worth around $18 billion. The AirAsia deal trumped the … [Read more...]

108 year-old man released from jail

A 108-year-old man has been freed from jail in India after serving two years of a life sentence for his role in committing multiple murders in 1987. Brij Bihari Pandey was freed following a successful application for his release on the grounds of ill health. "The man was released on Friday … [Read more...]

Two Indian elephants go on rampage in Mysore

Two wild elephants have gone on a rampage in the southern India city of Mysore killing at least one person. Karnataka State officials say the wild elephants walked into the city from a nearby forest, sending residents running for their lives. One elephant barged into the compound of a women's … [Read more...]

Aussie ‘goddess’ bikini design sparks protests across India

The latest designer swimsuit collection from Byron Bay fashion label, Lisa Blue, has sparked angry protests across India as local media published photos of the bikini design featuring the image of the goddess Lakshmi. Demonstrators in Amritsar burned the Australian flag and waved placards on … [Read more...]

Bank staff blamed for termites eating banknotes in vault

Staff at a branch of the State Bank of India in Uttar Pradesh are being blamed for "laxity" in allowing termites to eat through 10 million rupees worth of banknotes in the banks vault. The State Bank of India says an enquiry into the latest incident has been held. newswarped is unsure if any of … [Read more...]