June 16, 2019

China inflation hits three year high

China's inflation rate has hit a three year high in June despite government efforts to dampen it and a cooling economy. Consumer prices rose 6.4 per cent over a year ago, a sharp jump from May's 5.5 percent rate. The main driver was food prices that leapt a whopping 14.4 percent up from 11.7 … [Read more...]

China inflation rate soars to 5.4%

Inflation in China accelerated in March to reach its hghest level since 2008, despite the governments efforts to cool rising prices. The China National Bureau of Statistics says consumer prices rose by 5.4% in March compared with a year earlier. The Feruary figure was 4.9%. The high growth … [Read more...]

UK Unions angry with Hutton pensions review

Unions in the United Kingdom are angry over a report overhauling public sector pensions that will see millions of workers, working longer. Lord Hutton's independent review has proposes that nurses, teachers and most other public sector staff work to at least 65 for lower pensions. The report … [Read more...]

US Federal Reserve to inject $900 Billion

The US Federal Reserve has announced it will attempt to stimulate growth by pumping up to $900 billion into a sluggish American economy. With lacklustre consumer spending, businesses have been reluctant to hire and the economy has hardly grown at all. Inflation is low, interest rates are low. … [Read more...]