August 19, 2019

Sri Lanka government blocks more news websites

Sri Lanka has blocked five news websites because they committed character assassination and insulted people including key political leaders, officials said Monday. Media groups criticised the moves as undemocratic, and the US Embassy recently raised concerns about press freedom in Sri Lanka. … [Read more...]

China clamps down on social media blogs

Authorities in China are ramping up restrictions on internet use after official reports revealed that three people have been "punished for spreading false rumours" online. Authorities say they are carrying out inquiries into other suspected cases. The news comes just over a week after … [Read more...]

Flash Mob raids Maryland 7-Eleven store

A "flash mob" of at least 28 teenagers has robbed a 7-Eleven store in Germantown, Maryland. Police say the raid was organised on the internet and took place in the early hours of Saturday morning. At 1.47am in less than a minute the store filled up with teenagers who helped themselves to … [Read more...]

Facebook integrates Skype and cements strong Microsoft link

Facebook will integrate Skype video chat into its social networking service, in a deal that draws it closer to Microsoft and raises Skype to another level. The agreement was announced by Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg at the company's Palo Alto, California headquarters … [Read more...]

Mother-in-laws email attack on bride-to-be goes viral

Relations between bride-to-be Heidi Withers and her future mother-in-law Carolyn Bourne are at an all time low now that a scathing email from Carolyn to Heidi has gone viral on the internet. Heidi Withers received a rather grumpy email from her fiance's stepmother accusing her of a lack of … [Read more...]

‘Indesructible’ botnet infects million’s of PC’s

Internet security companies are struggling to contain a viral botnet that has successfully snared 4.5 million PC's around the world. The botnet, known as TDL, targets Windows PCs and is very difficult to detect and shut down. A botnet is a network of home computers that have been infected by a … [Read more...]

Teen hacker arrested as authorities hit back after cyber attacks

A teen hacker has been arrested in the UK as the FBI and Scotland Yard hit back following recent cyber attacks on government websites. Ryan Cleary, 19, was arrested in Wickford, Essex. Police have not identified him publicly themselves (his mother did), but have said that the arrest is in … [Read more...]

LulzSec hackers shut down CIA website

The internet hacker group Lulz Security has claimed responsibility for shutting down the public-facing website of the US Central Intelligence Agency. The alleged hack on the website occurred on the same day as LulzSec opened a telephone request line for fans to suggest potential hacking … [Read more...]

China hackers access Google e-mail accounts

Google has announced that a hacking attack originating in China has successfully compromised personal e-mail accounts of hundreds of top US officials, military personnel and journalists. Google says the hacking a campaign to obtain passwords originated in Jinan, China and was aimed at monitoring … [Read more...]

Aussie ‘planking’ death puts spotlight on internet craze

Police in Brisbane, Australia say a 20 year-old man who plunged to his death from a seventh-floor balcony on Sunday was participating in the internet craze of "planking". Planking involves someone lying flat on their stomach in unusual and sometimes dangerous situations, and posting photographs … [Read more...]

China tightens internet censorship

The government in China has set up a new state body to control information on the internet. The State Internet Information Office will take over responsibility from a number of other government agencies. China Information Minister Wang Chen will be in charge. The office will enable the … [Read more...]

Former Miss USA claims airport ‘pat down’ violation

Former Miss USA, Susie Castillo says she was sexually violated during an airport security search. She has started an internet campaign against security 'pat downs'. The 31 year-old former beauty queen (Miss USA 2003) says she felt "completely helpless" and "violated" during the pat-down search … [Read more...]

Internet blunder reveals nuclear sub secrets

The UK Ministry of Defence has admitted that secret information about the Britains nuclear submarines was made available on the internet by mistake. A publishing technical error meant that blacked out parts of an online MoD report could be read by pasting into another document. The information … [Read more...]

Czech Presidents pen heist video

Video footage of the Czech president Vaclav Klaus pocketing a pen at a news conference has been a hit on Czech TV and now the internet. President Klaus was filmed taking the ceremonial pen during a news conference as part of a state visit to Chile. Alongside him is Chile's President Sebastian … [Read more...]

Website crashes as fans scramble for Cricket World Cup Final tickets

Organisers of the Cricket World Cup are under fire from fans in India after only 1000 tickets for the final in Mumbai on 2 April were put on sale on the official ticketing website. The website crashed as soon as the tickets came available, with an error message greeting angry … [Read more...]